32 Fabulously Geeky and Queer-Friendly Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

32 Fabulously Geeky and Queer-Friendly Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

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Looking for some good geeky podcasts to listen to? Search no further! We’ve rounded up some of the best queer and queer-friendly shows to stick in your earholes for when you need some nerds in your life. we present them below, in no particular order.

Our 32 favorite geeky podcasts to add to your queue:

Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men: Well, it’s about time someone did. It remains a mystery how they can resist the temptation to just make this a weekly conversation about how lovely Storm is.

Box Not Included: Bespectacled UK duo Jade Rose and Hamish Steele are an absolute delight and their nerdy credentials are extensive. Hamish is a fantastic illustrator and Jade gave me my first lesson in running Dungeons & Dragons.

The Dildorks: Nerdy fun sex talk with two fabulous experts.

Queer and Pleasant Strangers: Queer trans ladies doing silly voices and talking about games! Hooray! You should listen to anything with the marvelous Laura Kate Dale.

Magical Boys: An extremely pleasant chit-chat with two extremely pleasant fellows.

Queens of Adventure: OK, full disclosure, this is my show and I’m super proud of it. Four drag queens play an ongoing game of Dungeons & Dragons, stumbling through one misadventure after another with just their wits and their wigs.

The Penumbra Podcast: Under-represented characters on a fantasy adventure! The Penumbra Podcast bends genre and gender in a scripted audio drama.

Cody Melcher, host of ‘Tomefoolery’

Tomefoolery: Comedian Cody Melcher and his guests marvel at some of the weirdest books ever written.

Bit Different: Cetine and Rob are video game obsessives and it shows.

Orange Lounge Radio: A long-running show and community that dives deep on geeky queer gaming interests.

The Starboard Power Coupling: When you want your Star Trek settings turned to the hardest of hardcore, look no further.

Greater than Code: A resource for coders who care about the world and want to use their powers for good.

Very Random Encounters: A chaotic RPG show in which almost everything that happens is determined by a roll of the dice, forcing the players to get super creative.

Slayerfest 98: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer fancast with wonderful hosts who are experts in Buffy studies.

The Devil’s Party: Queer hero Anthony Oliveira gives you the crash course in the life and works of John Milton you never knew you needed.

Dead for Filth: Writer Michael Varrati makes us tremble in terror each week, as he gruesomely dissects horror films and interviews spooky icons.

Dirty Little Horror: Spooky dick jokes!

Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy of ‘The Adventure Zone’

Scream Queenz: More horror! Hosted by a New Yorker unafraid of terrors that lurk in the night.

Eerie Earfuls: Two brothers, one of them bi, talk about horror films every other week.

MiceChat: If horror’s not your thing, perhaps this Disney fancast will ease your nerves with a soothing celebration of all things magic.

My Neighbor Trans-toro: It’s a brand new show! Two queer geeks (and definitely not neighbors) just gabbin’ it up about, you know, whatever.

The Adventure Zone: The mega-behemoth of queer-friendly geeky podcasts, The Adventure Zone features characters all over the gender and sexuality spectrum.

Friends at the Table: A highly discursive role-playing game that gets suuuuuuper granular on world-building lore and character backstory. It’s cerebral as shit.

Podquisition: A gaggle of fun friends gather to talk about the games industry! Jim Sterling always has one foot planted slightly outside out plane of reality.

SouthPaws: Fur-friends will feel right at home with nerdy news and lefty views from the furry fandom.

Game Buoy: Casual recaps of the last few weeks’ gaming headlines.

Devlyn Camp, the writer, host and producer of ‘Mattachine’

Doctor Who Target Book Club: A monumental undertaking: reading all of the Doctor Who novelizations, in order.

Dungeons & Queers: A queer adventure in the world of D&D!

Video Game Realness: Would you like another show where gays talk about games? Well, you’re in luck.

Welcome to Nightvale: A Lovecraftian/Lynchian/Prairie-Home-Companion-ian storytelling show beloved by geeks around the world.

Drunks and Dragons: A long-running award-winning roleplaying podcast.

Mattachine: History nerds rejoice! A moving show about the trailblazers who got us where we are today.

Did we miss any of your favorite geeky podcasts? Let us know in the comments!

This story was originally published on June 17, 2018

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