5 Queer Industry Vets We’d Like to See Get a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

5 Queer Industry Vets We’d Like to See Get a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Today, RuPaul got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which made us think, who are some other LGBTQ Hollywood stars who deserve their own recognition on the famous California landmark.

Here are 5 queer icons we’d love to see get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:


1. Ian McKellen

Who dares deny a star to the openly gay English actor who played Sherlock, Magneto and Gandalf?! That shall not pass! McKellen has literally been starring in films since 1969 and has been onstage since 1964. He’s 78 years old now; let’s not give it to him posthumously, eh? His bromantic bud Sir Patrick Stewart already has one, so let’s do McKellen a solid and follow suit. Plus he’s an LGBTQ activist and a humanitarian — that’s a true star, perfect for the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


2. Laverne Cox

Though she’s a newer star, Cox has been in TV long enough to have “unchallengeable” expertise in the realm of television (one of the qualifications for getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame). In addition to the 12 TV shows under her belt, she has also acted in 14 films (though, personally, we’re still waiting for her big break into film). Laverne Cox is also a star to the LGBTQ community, as she has done more than any entertainer in recent memory to use her platform for helping to educate Americans on trans issues.


3. Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho is not only one of our favorite stand-up comedians, she’s a television pioneer. She was the first Asian-American person to have a sitcom, All-American Girl. And though that show didn’t last, she paved the way for other Asian-American comedies like Fresh Off the Boat and … uh … well, we clearly still need more diversity on the small screen! An out-and-proud bisexual, Cho really should have had her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, like, yesterday. Especially considering her 32 films and 32 TV appearances.


4. Lily Tomlin

Of all the LGBTQ Hollywood stars on our list, the fact that Lily Tomlin doesn’t already have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is shocking. (You just assumed she had one, didn’t you?) Not just an outspoken feminist voice for equality, she’s hilarious to boot. We always loved her Edith Ann bits from Sesame Street and Laugh-In, and we haven’t even mentioned 9 to 5 yet among her 30 films and 30-plus TV appearances. Seriously, why doesn’t she have a star already? She was Ms. Frizzle, for god’s sake!


5. Chi Chi LaRue

LaRue is a longtime drag persona and probably one of the most accomplished directors of all time, with over 391 titles to his credit, including such classics as Hole Patrol, Fortune Nookie and The Boy Who Cried DILF. Sure, they’re porno films, but they’re a distinct part of American entertainment culture and bring lots of jism enjoyment to audiences around the globe. So let’s stop discriminating against skin flicks, eh, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce? Give LaRue a stinky pink star right now!


What LGBTQ stars do you think deserve a place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Sound off in the comments.


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