This New ‘Hornet Creator Playbook’ Is Your Go-To Guide for Making the Most of the Gay Social Network

This New ‘Hornet Creator Playbook’ Is Your Go-To Guide for Making the Most of the Gay Social Network

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There’s no app like Hornet, the world’s most popular gay social network, and with the just-released Hornet Creator Playbook, users now have a handy guide for making the most of the groundbreaking app. It’s the only gay platform where you’re able to make meaningful connections with guys located around the world, whether they’re in your neighborhood or thousands of miles away.

Unlike other gay apps on the market, Hornet is all about the feed, which is full of content posted by its users. When a Hornet user posts a photo or shares an article, other users then interact with that post by liking and commenting — it’s an environment that allows for more engaging and direct connection between users than the grid of guys you’ll find elsewhere.

But what exactly should a guy be posting on Hornet? That’s where the Hornet Creator Playbook comes in handy, singling out the types of “Moments” (photo posts) that make for quality engagement and that will help spark connections inside the app.

The Hornet Creator Playbook singles out 10 considerations for creating the perfect Moment, each of which helps to ensure your post comes off as authentic, original and sparks engagement by others.

For longtime Hornet users looking to engage with their followers in the best way possible — and for guys with large audiences on other social platforms who would like to build an audience on Hornet, too — the playbook also lays out ways to build a substantial presence on Hornet.

Users who are particularly well-versed in the Hornet Creator Playbook, and whose posts embody the values of Hornet — including positivity, kindness, authenticity and local activism — can apply to participate in the Hornet Featured Guys program, perfect for Hornet “power users.” (Info on applying to the Featured Guys program can be found toward the end of the Playbook.)

Click here to check out the Hornet Creator Playbook, and start making the most of the world’s most popular gay social network today!

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