Hornet Is On the Hunt for This Year’s Best Halloween Costumes

Hornet Is On the Hunt for This Year’s Best Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is fast approaching! And while, sure, most of us are stuck at home and not able to make our typical rounds of Halloween house parties and other late-night shenanigans, that doesn’t mean you can’t still don a costume to celebrate the spookiest time of year! Introducing the Hornet Halloween Costume Contest, a great way for you to get spooky (and win some cash) from the comfort of your own home.

It’s also a great way for you to officially make use of Hornet’s new video stories feature. Earlier this month, Hornet released Version 7, which means you can now create and post gay video content in the app as short video stories — vertical videos up to 30 seconds long. (You’ve probably seen them at the top of the feed!)

Here’s how the Hornet Halloween Costume Contest works:

The Hornet Halloween Costume Contest kicks off on the morning Friday, Oct. 30, and ends the evening of Sunday, Nov. 1. That gives you 72 hours to post your own video and compete for prizes.

To enter the contest, you must post a video of you in your Halloween costume. It can be a super short video showing off your transformation, or it can be multiple videos of you showing off your costume from every angle. Your costume can be spooky, sexy, funny or all of the above!

Once you’ve posted your video, leave a comment on your video that says what your Halloween costume is, and use the hashtag #HornetHalloween. This will help us find your video and make sure you’re entered into the official running for one of our 10 grand prizes.

How can you win the Hornet Halloween Costume Contest?

The costume contest’s 10 winners will be chosen by Hornet’s editors on Monday, Nov. 2. Those winners will be chosen based on a few criteria: the number of “likes” a video has received from other users, the number of awards a video has received (more info on Hornet awards here), and the editors’ own discretion as to which costumes were notably sexy, funny or clever.

Among the 10 winners of Hornet’s costume contest, 7 winners will receive both 500 Honey and a free one-month Hornet Premium subscription. And 3 grand prize winners will each receive a $100 USD Amazon Gift Card and 1,000 Honey — an easy way to win cash without even leaving your home!

And maybe best of all, anyone who posts their very first video on Hornet this weekend will receive 50 Honey automatically! Just for using Hornet’s latest new feature and creating content for more than 30 million Hornet users to enjoy, you’ll win Honey that you can put towards Hornet Premium, Hornet merch or an Amazon gift card.

Need inspiration for the Hornet Halloween Costume Contest?

If you want to participate in our Halloween Costume Contest but aren’t sure what you want to transform yourself into, you have some options. Maybe check out what some of our favorite celebrities have dressed up as in the past. And we’ve got even more Halloween costume contest ideas here. Curious what the gays of West Hollywood donned for Halloween in the 1980s? We’ve got that, too!

If you’re a couple and you and your partner both want to compete, consider a couple’s costume for the contest. Check out some of our favorite spooky, sexy and clever couples costumes here.

Or maybe you’re not all that familiar with Halloween and its (truly not-so-horrifying) origins. Brush up on your Halloween knowledge — and maybe pick up an idea or two for your own costume — in this fun little history lesson.

Post your video for the Hornet Halloween Costume Contest now!

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