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John Cameron Mitchell’s New Movie Trailer Just Dropped, and We Can’t Stop Talking About It

Near the end of last year, we told you about How to Talk to Girls at Parties, the new film from Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Shortbus director John Cameron Mitchell. The film is based on a Neil Gaiman short story about about aliens coming to London at the height of the 1970s punk movement. We previously showed you a few teasers and the European trailer, but now the American How to Talk to Girls at Parties trailer has just come out, and we’re digging it.

The film features Alex Sharp as Enn, a teen punk who meets a cult-like group of beautiful young women at a party. He falls for Zan (Elle Fanning) and later discovers that the girls are really aliens lead by Queen Boadicea (Nicole Kidman).

The film debuted at Cannes last year to mixed reviews. A common theme, though, was that How to Talk to Girls at Parties would be a perfect “midnight movie,” a likely cult-classic in the making. (Hipster Alert: You’ll probably want to watch it when it comes out so you can say you liked it before it was cool.) That said, the reviews all praised its gorgeous visuals on full display in the How to Talk to Girls at Parties trailer.

Neil Gaiman’s original short story is available online to read for free. (Or, if you’re more of an audiobook person, you can listen to it free, too.) The story itself is pretty short — about a 15-minute read. Oddly enough, the original story doesn’t feature Zan nor Queen Boadicea, but keeps the general gist of a boy falling for an alien girl.

And if you’re a Mitchell fan who’s not too sure about the sci-fi genre, you’ll be pleased to know that he’s also working on an upcoming semi-autobiographical musical TV series called Homunculus.


Watch the How to Talk to Girls at Parties trailer below:

And here’s that 2017 European How to Talk to Girls at Parties trailer:

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