The Cast of ‘Hunger Games’ Once Got Naked Together at a Popular Berlin Club

The Cast of ‘Hunger Games’ Once Got Naked Together at a Popular Berlin Club

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We do love a ‘celebrity sit-down’ on late-night talk show TV. You learn all sorts of things about some of your favorite film and TV stars. Take last week’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
that invited Future Man star Josh Hutcherson to take a seat and shoot the shit. If it weren’t for this interview, we might have never known that he and Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence (the Hunger Games cast) once got naked together in a popular Berlin club.

It didn’t take long before the conversation between Hutcherson and Colbert turned to the press tour for the Hunger Games films. Shooting the films and doing promotion therafter, the actors found themselves all over the world, in places like Paris, Berlin and Atlanta.

Berlin, he says, was particularly crazy.

According to Hutcherson, one night the Hunger Games cast stopped by the KitKatClub — “nothing to do with the candy bar,” Hutcherson jokes — and were almost not let in by the bouncer because they were wearing clothes, and it was “fetish night” at the Berlin club.

“We were like, You know what? Screw it. Let’s go. So we went in, went to the coat check, but it’s a clothing check, and you just check in your clothing. There’s a girl with a lollipop who’s like ‘OK, here’s your claim ticket. Have fun!”

The Hunger Games cast leads, from left: Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson

Once the Hunger Games cast stepped down into the Berlin club, Hutcherson says, it wasn’t exactly as exciting as they’d hoped.

“You know, you have this idea of what an underground Berlin nightclub would be with no clothing,” Hutcherson says, but instead he describes the club’s crowd as “geriatric,” saying, “It was so strange.” He goes on to describe the “old, old people raving with jangling bits everywhere.” One older gentleman he describes as fully naked except for a leather strap “holding things up” was walking around “plucking on his little guitar” (which is another way to say he was fondling himself).

Oh, if Josh Hutcherson only knew what went on inside queer sex parties!

Popular Berlin club KitKatClub opened in 1994, and while it offers three dance floors for house and techno tracks, out-in-the-open sex is allowed. The club is frequented by both straight and gay partygoers (and everyone in between), and does often feature a strict fetish dress code.

Watch the full interview below, in which Josh Hutcherson tells the story of the Hunger Games cast stripping down at the Berlin club (starts at 1:45):

Would you be down to get naked with the Hunger Games cast at a Berlin club?

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