Here’s How You Can Check Out the Brand-New Issue of ‘Iceman’ for Free

Here’s How You Can Check Out the Brand-New Issue of ‘Iceman’ for Free

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It was 2015 when Bobby Drake (aka Iceman), our favorite frosty member of the X-Men, came out of the closet as an openly gay superhero. And in the years since then, he’s seen some of his most exciting storylines yet and even his own standalone series. Writer of the solo series (and Hornet user) Sina Grace wants the latest Iceman issue to be seen by as many X-fans as possible, and so in conjunction with Marvel Comics, he’s made the new Iceman issue, Iceman #3, available to check out for free.

We’re currently in the second volume of the Iceman standalone series, as the first volume and its 11 issues came to a close late last year. But this past September saw the homo hero’s return to the printed page, and the latest Iceman issue has some great surprises in store.

In Iceman #3, Bobby Drake goes on a blind date with a guy named Carlos, only to have it interrupted by a brand-new foe. Who will he be sparring with in the new Iceman issue? You’ll have to check it out and see! Luckily Iceman has a few friends — in the form of Spider-Man and Firestar — to help him out.

“As a lifelong fan of Spider-Man, I never thought in a million years that I’d get the chance to write Peter Parker, much less put him on an adventure with Iceman and Firestar for a TBT Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends team-up,” Sina Grace tells Hornet. “What’s more, the fact that I get to show all these characters on dates speaks to everything I love about classic Marvel Comics: the perfect balance of a hero’s personal life and superhero life colliding at the most inconvenient time!”

This past September, Hornet was celebrating the reboot of the Iceman standalone series at the new volume’s L.A. launch party. Check out video of that event, also featuring the creator of hit FX television series Pose, Steven Canals, above.

To read the latest Iceman issue for free, here’s what you need to do: Head over to and login to your Marvel Insider account. When you enter the promo code ICEMAN3 and click “add comic,” you’ll be able to enjoy Iceman’s latest love life drama!

The code to check out this new Iceman issue is valid until Jan. 31, 2019. Enjoy!

What do you think of the latest Iceman issue? Have you read Iceman #3?

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