Watch Miz Cracker and Miles Jai Read ‘Straight Pride’ YouTube Commenters to Filth (Video)

Watch Miz Cracker and Miles Jai Read ‘Straight Pride’ YouTube Commenters to Filth (Video)

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Remember that YouTube Pride month #ProudToCreate video that even now has 128,000 dislikes, only 49,000 likes and literally tens of thousands of hateful comments from anti-LGBTQ bigots? Well, YouTuber Miles Jai has had enough of the hate and recently posted a hilarious video of himself responding to haters: namely, people who call queer people mentally ill while wondering “Where’s my straight pride parade?” (Ugh.) Miles Jai even gets Miz Cracker from Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race to join in the fun. Come let the Miles Jai Miz Cracker kiki slay you with laughter and love, fam.

Drinking cheap alcohol, fanning himself and swearing a blue streak, Miles Jai reads the haters to filth. When one commenter calls the entire LGBTQ community mentally ill, Miles admits, “You might have a point — but don’t leave out the rest, bitch! You have to talk about why we’re mentally ill.” And, as most queer people know, that’s because we’re forced to put up with oppression from anti-LGBTQ haters.

Later on in the Miles Jai Miz Cracker video, when a commenter says that all of the LGBTQ community’s issues are “self-inflicted,” Miles Jai points out the commenter has it the wrong way around — that, actually, all of the anti-LGBTQ community’s issues with us are all just made up.

He then deliciously mocks people vexed over the very idea of having to bake a cake with two men getting married on it. If you are one of these people, Miles Jai promises to cry at your funeral (and then place a big, gay cake on top of your casket).

When Miz Cracker joins in the fun, she has a special message to the haters, telling them to get some friends and spend their time on activities that involve love rather than being hateful online. Preach!

Here’s the Miles Jai Miz Cracker video:

Our favorite part is when Miles Jai points out a comment asking why straight people don’t get to have a Straight Pride parade. As Miles Jai points out, straight Pride occurs whenever heterosexuals get to see another straight couple kiss in a movie or in public, something that doesn’t happen often for same-sex couples without a lot of drama.

Heterosexual Pride events aren’t necessary because heterosexuality isn’t persecuted in any way whatsoever. But that hasn’t stopped several obnoxious heterosexuals from trying to hold straight pride parades, though they never turn out well.

In 2011, Brazilian governmental representative Eduardo Cunha proposed that the nation celebrate Straight Pride Day every Dec. 3. The bill was met with worldwide mockery. In 2015, Seattle resident Anthony Rebello threw a straight Pride parade, but he was the only person to show up.

Stop trying to make “Straight Pride” happen, folks. It’s not an actual thing.

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