‘Love, Simon’ Star Keiynan Lonsdale Leaves Little to the Imagination in Steamy Bathroom Selfies

‘Love, Simon’ Star Keiynan Lonsdale Leaves Little to the Imagination in Steamy Bathroom Selfies

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In the trailblazing gay teen romance Love, Simon Keiynan Lonsdale plays the titular protagonist’s hesitant love interest. But the out 26-year-old is hardly shy on Instagram, where recent photos show Keiynan Lonsdale naked except for a strategically placed towel.

Photo: Keiynan Lonsdale Instagram.

Lonsdale, who plays Kid Flash on the CW’s The Flash, is also revealing himself emotionally: Over the weekend, he posted several photos canoodling with male model Zak Frio at Joshua Tree National Forest in California.

“All we want for each other is to grow and be more of our true selves each day,” Lonsdale wrote in the caption. “No nonsense, no noise… just magic, just breathing, just being. Thank you for one of the best wknds of my life. I love ya i love ya i love ya yes I do.”

Frio also posted pictures from Joshua Tree, a stone’s throw from Palm Spring.

“@keiynanlonsdale thank you for always inspiring me,” he wrote. “Thank you for encouraging me to be myself and to be my very best. Life is a crazy adventure and it is a blessing to explore and grow with you by my side.”

Lonsdale actually used Instagram to come out as bisexual in 2017.

“I like to change my hair, I like to take risks with how I dress, I like girls, & I like guys (yes),” he wrote. “I like growing, I like learning, I like who I am and I really like who I’m becoming.”

“[I] Spent way too many years hating myself, thinking I was less valuable because I was different, which is just untrue,” he continued. “A couple years ago I was able to accept myself, & it saved my life, but now I’ve gotten to a new road block & I feel kind of lost. I gotta take the next step & actually embrace who I am, which is pretty exciting. ”

Judging from his IG, he’s definitely on the right track. Take a look at these adorable snaps from the past year.

What would you do if you were alone with Keiynan Lonsdale naked?

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