The CEO of LaCroix Sparkling Water Has Been Accused of Sexual Assault by Two Male Pilots

The CEO of LaCroix Sparkling Water Has Been Accused of Sexual Assault by Two Male Pilots

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On a day when Scotland Yard has just opened up investigations into three new sexual assault charges against predatory American actor Kevin Spacey, it would’ve been easy to miss news of 82-year-old billionaire LaCroix CEO Nick Caporella being accused of sexual harassment by two male pilots.

Caporella has served as CEO of National Beverage, the company that makes LaCroix sparkling water, since 1995.

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Both men have filed lawsuits in Florida against Caporella. The lawsuits accuse him of repeatedly touching them on numerous occasions while serving as Caporella’s co-pilots.

LaCroix CEO, Nick Caporella

One man’s lawsuit accuses Caporella of “grabbing, rubbing and groping of [his] leg in a sexual manner.” Another accuses Caporella of grabbing under his armpit and thigh and “moving his right hand up [his] left leg towards his genitals.” One of the cases has reportedly already been settled out of court.

The accusations against Caporella are one of the few in the #MeToo era involving male-on-male sexual harassment. Just last week, American actor Terry Crews made news by testifying to U.S. Congress about his sexual assault at the hands of Hollywood agent, WME agent Adam Venit.

During his testimony, Crews said he had received online mockery and lost acting jobs for being vocal about his assault.

Kevin Spacey

The most infamous same-sex accusations of the #MeToo era are those against Kevin Spacey, the award-winning House of Cards actor who has been accused of sexual misconduct by at over 20 different men.

As of this week, London police are investigating three new allegations against Spacey. Three men claim they were sexually assaulted by Spacey in Westminster in 1996, Lambeth in 2008 and Gloucester in 2013, respectively.

These new allegations follow investigations into three other sexual assault claims made against Spacey that police began looking into last November. Today, Guy Pearce accused Spacey of groping him on the set of L.A. Confidential.

What do you think of the allegations against LaCroix CEO Nick Caporella?

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