If You’re Gonna Come Out of the Closet, Do It With a Sexy, Soaking Wet, Shirtless Dance

If You’re Gonna Come Out of the Closet, Do It With a Sexy, Soaking Wet, Shirtless Dance

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It was a rather lengthy process to get Mac, a character on the FX comedy It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia played by Rob McElhenney, to come out of the closet. He initially came out in the show’s 11th season, only to take it back immediately. Then, in the middle of Season 12, Mac officially came out as gay, and it stuck. But the character had never come out to his father — until this week’s episode, when he did so through the ultimate “coming out dance.”

We reported back in August that the heavily choreographed “coming out dance” would be airing in a Season 13 episode titled “Mac Finds His Pride,” and that it reportedly required more than 50 takes to shoot.

The sequence (we’ve got the video below) features Mac telling his father, Luther (played by Gregory Scott Cummins), “Dad, I’m gay,” before launching into one of the most elaborate pieces of interpretative dance you’ve ever seen. (Seriously, it rivals a Sia music video.)

The pas de deux, in which Mac and ballerine Kylie Shea perform on a darkened stage while soaked in rain (and Mac showing off his seriously ripped bod while shirtless), is set to the Sigur Rós song “Varúð” and was choreographed by Alison Faulk and Leo Moctezuma, with the actor having to spend several hours perfecting it before filming the real deal.

Now, would we have preferred this “coming out dance” to have been done with another guy? Hell yeah. But is the dance still pretty jaw-droppingly amazing? Yep.

Rob McElhenney’s “Mac” has gone from chubby to completely ripped. The photo on the right is from this past year’s L.A. Pride parade.

What do you think of the ‘coming out dance’? How did you come out of the closet?

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