Marlon Bundo’s Going to Every Elementary School in Indiana Thanks to the ‘Will and Grace’ Showrunner

Marlon Bundo’s Going to Every Elementary School in Indiana Thanks to the ‘Will and Grace’ Showrunner

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Two weeks ago John Oliver released A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo, a children’s book timed to come out the same day as a book by the family of Vice President Mike Pence about his pet rabbit. Well, now it looks like a Marlon Bundo Indiana trip is in the works — Will and Grace‘s showrunner has just bought copies of Oliver’s book for every elementary school in Pence’s home state.

While Pence’s version of Marlon Bundo’s story is an innocuous book about being the Vice President, written by the Veep’s wife and daughter, Oliver’s is more political. The latter, written by Jill Twiss, tells the story of Marlon Bundo hopping around the White House with Wesley, his partner. In this version, Marlon and Wesley want to get married but a “very stinky stinkbug” (who looks uncannily like Mike Pence) says boy bunnies must marry girl bunnies.

The John Oliver tie-in was a literal overnight success. The Monday after Oliver’s show aired the book became an Amazon best-seller. Even Charlotte Pence bought a copy. The book sold out almost immediately but is being reprinted.

An extra 1,121 copies will definitely be printed. That’s how many elementary schools are in Indiana.

Thanks to Max Mutchnick, best known as the showrunner of Will and Grace, every grammar school library in the state of Indiana will get its own copy. In the letter each school is getting with the book, Mutchnick writes:

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