Your Mexico City Pride Guide: 5 Local Residents’ Tips on How to Celebrate Right

Your Mexico City Pride Guide: 5 Local Residents’ Tips on How to Celebrate Right

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This year’s Mexico City Pride, June 18–24, celebrates 40 years, and the Inclúyete committee has prepared a celebration that will commemorate the years of struggle, the battles won and the work that is still left to do. In 2018 it will all be under the motto #NoRenunciaremos (“We Won’t Quit”).

This year, the Mexico City Pride march takes a role of great importance at the national level since the following week the presidential elections in Mexico will take place. The march will begin at 10 a.m. in the Angel of Independence on June 23.

The Mexico City Pride committee has already announced the celebrities who will be at the main festival event, which takes place each year in the capital’s Zócalo. Fey will be the headlining artist, while the WapayasosAngelo y ATL, Manelyk, Lis Vega and Zemmoa, among others, will also be present. Gay Mexican YouTubers Pepe y Teo will be hosting the stage show alongside trans activist Roshell Terranova, Aurora Wonders, Ophelia Pastrana and more.

So get ready to enjoy the full 40 years of the LGBT March of the CDMX, but before you do, we asked some of our favorite Mexico City residents for advice on how to do Pride right.

5 tips for enjoying your Mexico City Pride 2018 experience:

1. “Go with your friends and have fun.” —Teffy

“The march is meant for having a great time. Fighting for our rights doesn’t have to be boring,” says the YouTuber, whom you can follow on his channel, called Sedúceme Mujer.

2. “Don’t forget sunscreen and umbrella.” —Carlos Salazar

Our trans friend from “El Tren de Carlos” brings up a useful tip. “The weather in this city is very bipolar, so bring sunscreen and an umbrella, as you never know how the day will go. We’ll bring the rainbow.”

3. “Wear comfortable clothes that say Pride.” —TresPacos

“Be comfortable. If you have a wallet, cell phone, sunglasses, carry a small backpack that you can carry close to your body. Have fun! The march is a super nice experience where you feel a vibe of celebration and love. So get ready and enjoy it,” says the YouTuber.

4. “Take photos!” —Sabdyel 

The bisexual director and screenwriter of the popular YouTube series Con Lugar recommends the following: “Take photos with all the bisexuals you find. Make them visible, and at the end of the day go partying with them. That and stay hydrated.”

5. “Bring flats for a long walk back home.” —Ophelia Pastrana

QEPD Karla Luna. Te agradezco mucho nuestro momento en Monterrey.

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She offers us advice that she understands all too well. After playing host several times at the Mexico City Pride March, she knows that you end up exhausted, and there’s no better way to go home than with a small-heeled (or no-heeled) shoe.

Are you ready to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Mexico City Pride? See you June 23!