Michael Henry’s New Video Explores the Alluring Power of Men’s Butts

Michael Henry’s New Video Explores the Alluring Power of Men’s Butts

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Approximately 21% of all heterosexual men are dissatisfied with their bodies. So is it any wonder that the straight roommate of gay comedian Michael Henry wants to get a “butt enhancement” surgery? In the new Michael Henry butts comedy sketch, we get a look into straight male body image and the lengths some men will go to get laid.

In the Michael Henry butts sketch, Henry walks in on his roommate Paul binge-eating a sandwich, chips, ice cream and soda. When Henry asks if he’s “losing it,” Paul explodes, admitting, “Women don’t even look twice at me and my droopy, flat-ass pancake.”

Paul explains that he’s not getting a “butt implant.” Rather, his surgeon wants to suck the fat out of his “jelly roll waist” and re-shape it onto his butt.

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When Henry remarks that he didn’t think women cared about men’s butts, Paul corrects him. “Penis is out, ass is in…. A few of my bros already got it, and you should see them at the clubs — cleaning up.”

Here’s the Michael Henry butts sketch:

It’s true that straight women are attracted to butts, and for reasons somewhat reflecting gay male desire. (No, not because of anal sex.)

Dr. Kerri Johnson of UCLA, a researcher who specializes in the psychology of human attraction, says that women evaluate men’s butts as an indication of their overall muscularity and masculinity.

Henry’s roommate, Paul, shows off his ideal butt. But researchers say “big, bulky muscles are perceived as less attractive than well-toned, moderately sized muscles.”

Johnson says women are most attracted to men whose shoulders are wider than their butts, but adds that butts aren’t everything.

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“Aspects of personality — kindness, sense of humor … intelligence, political party affiliation, physical attractiveness levels, interests — can influence attractiveness [just like] the body’s shape,” Johnson says.

What do you think of the Michael Henry butts sketch?

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