The Netflix ‘She-Ra’ Reboot Is Giving Its Most Gay-Iconic Character Two Dads

The Netflix ‘She-Ra’ Reboot Is Giving Its Most Gay-Iconic Character Two Dads

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We reported yesterday that New York Comic Con, which ended this past Sunday, delivered a mass of new trailers for some of the most anticipated film and TV show projects. One of those such projects was the Netflix She-Ra series, set to officially premiere on the streaming service Nov. 16.

We’re now even more stoked for the reboot of one of our favorite ’80s cartoons — not just because the full-length trailer looks downright amazing, but because of what was revealed during a panel discussion held at NYCC: namely that one of the She-Ra series’ most beloved characters, particularly among the gays, will have two dads.

Present on the NYCC panel for the Netflix She-Ra reboot were series creator Noelle Stevenson and cast members Aimee Carrero (Aurora / She-Ra), Karen Fukuhara (Glimmer) and Marcus Scribner (Bow). While they tried to give fans a spoiler-free experience, when they were asked about their favorite characters, Carrero’s replied put gay fans in a tizzy: “Bow’s dads.”

From left: Noelle Stevenson, Aimee Carrero, Karen Fukuhara and Marcus Scribner; photo by Getty images

The Bow character himself was always a favorite of the gay community, as … well, he seemed pretty gay himself, sporting a mustache and a barely-there chest piece that left the arrow-slinger permanently flexing. While in the original She-Ra series Bow was a white man with red hair, in the Netflix She-Ra reboot he’s a Black teen who apparently comes from a gay family.

From left: the Bow of the Netflix She-Ra reboot, the original Bow

“It’s a bit of a spoiler, but at the same time I feel like She-Ra really doesn’t shy away from reflecting what’s actually going on in the world around us,” Scribner said after the spoiler had been dropped. “It’s not some topical thing that really needs to be discussed, it just is. Bow has two dads. I feel like it just reflects a lot of modern families and things that are going on in the world around us.”

Apparently Bow’s two dads play an integral role in a first season episode.

Watch the trailer for the Netflix She-Ra reboot here:

The Netflix She-Ra series, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, premieres Nov. 16

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