Here’s Everything We Know About the Upcoming Adam Lambert Album

Here’s Everything We Know About the Upcoming Adam Lambert Album

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He went from competing on American Idol to becoming one of the first openly gay artists to pop up on the Billboard albums chart, but when are we getting a new Adam Lambert album?

Talk of the fourth Adam Lambert album has been buzzing for a while now as it’s been three years since his last album, The Original High, and a year and a half since he dropped the single “Two Fux.”

Lambert of course gets a pass since he’s been fronting the latest rendition of legendary rock band Queen for several years now, having just recently wrapped a 10-shows-in-three-weeks residency at the Park MGM hotel in Las Vegas. And carrying the mantle of the ultimate rocker, Freddie Mercury, ain’t easy!

In the past few months, Adam Lambert has given a few interviews, including a Q&A session on Twitter in February 2018 and sit-downs with Schön and Wonderland magazines.

Here’s everything we know about the new Adam Lambert album:

First things first, Adam Lambert is serving a whole new look.

Adam Lambert in Schön magazine

Taking a page from the books of basically every great pop and rock star in existence, from George Michael to Madonna, Adam Lambert likes to mix things up when it comes to serving looks. During his recent appearance in the pages of Schön, Lambert did more than ‘mix things up’ — he threw the blender out the window.

Looking like a glammed-up Rob Zombie mixed with the sexy bestie of Lestat the vampire, Adam Lambert rocked long dark hair and a top hat that would’ve made Linda Perry proud. Check out images from a few of his recent photo shoots throughout this piece.

While the new Adam Lambert album is coming along nicely, he’s still working on it.

Adam Lambert in Wonderland magazine

“I’m still working on it, but I’m definitely getting there,” he’s said about the new Adam Lambert album. “There are some incredible songs that I’m really proud of and I can’t wait to share them with the world.”

All the work he’s been able to put toward this fourth studio album thus far has had to happen in between commitments with Queen, in Las Vegas and on tour.

He’s reportedly written tons of songs for this new Adam Lambert album.

Adam Lambert performing with Queen

During his Twitter Q&A from this past February, Adam Lambert remarked that he’s written a ton of songs for the new album — enough for three albums, actually.

About the new Adam Lambert album — which is still unnamed — he says he’s written “about 35ish” tracks, though he hasn’t picked a single from the bunch.

The new Adam Lambert album is gonna see him share some new sounds with the world.

Adam Lambert in Wonderland magazine

Though he says he loves his third studio album, The Original High, the new Adam Lambert album is gonna be a departure from that.

“I’ve explored some new sounds and some new concepts and I’m on the course to put something out, but it took a second to discover that for myself, for this project,” Lambert tells Schön.

But it will also be a return to glam rock sounds.

If he had to compare the new Adam Lambert album to one of his previous efforts, it’s closest to his debut, For Your Entertainment. “I feel there’s also some parallel to my second album [Trespassing],” he says.

Lambert cites references on the new music to glam rock and classic rock of the 1970s and ’80s, which have long been some of his personal musical inspirations.

“It’s basically all of my influences rolled into my own special blend,” he said on Twitter, noting elsewhere, “It’s coming back to the music that inspired me to want to become a musician in the first place.”

No date has been set for the new Adam Lambert album yet.

Adam Lambert in Wonderland magazine

Though he said back in February that fans would be treated to new music this year (2018), it’s unlikely that’s still the case. Asked by Schön whether the new Adam Lambert album would come out this year, he says, “I have no idea. I’m doing my best to put it out as soon as possible.”

Don’t blame Adam Lambert’s work with Queen for the delay in getting a new album.

Adam Lambert performing with Queen

“I’ve never felt like working with Queen has put any sort of a damper on my solo work,” he says. “I think that actually, they have coexisted very well, timing wise. The collaboration with Queen is little chunks of time that I go on the road with them, and then I’m done, so it’s left me plenty of time to sort of flip-flop into my solo career.”

Instead, he cites “business delays” and “taking my time creatively” for the three-year gap between his last and the new Adam Lambert album.

After the new Adam Lambert album gets released, we can expect a tour.

He’s been touring with rock band Queen for years now, but asked whether we can expect him to tour on his own for the new album, he says, “I’d definitely like to.”

But it’s still a little early to start thinking about a tour for an album that isn’t wrapped up yet. Just give it time, Lambert fans.

Are you excited for a new Adam Lambert album?

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