Big Dipper’s New Track Is the Sexy, Body-Positive Summer Song We’ve Been Searching For (Video)

Big Dipper’s New Track Is the Sexy, Body-Positive Summer Song We’ve Been Searching For (Video)

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Nearly one year ago, self-proclaimed “raunchy big boy bear of internet rap” Big Dipper released his music video for “LaCroix Boy.” It featured him swiveling around on a hoverboard in a jacket made entirely of cans and him driving a car made of LaCroix cans alongside RuPaul’s Drag Race champion Alaska Thunderfuck. Now he’s back with a new Big Dipper song and video — for the track “Lookin’” — and it’s chock-full of thicc bois, carwash suds, and L.A. queen Love Connie busting out moves and loads of body positivity.

Plus, Big Dipper’s “Lookin’” is the first single from his forthcoming full-length album Late Bloomer, due out later this summer. So let’s take a closer look. 

The video itself is an ode to big-bodied pride, perfect considering it’s both summer and Pride Month. This new Big Dipper song’s lyrics and video serve as a reminder that big boys are on the prowl.

Best of all, the shirtless guys sporting denim shorts in Big Dipper’s “Lookin’” span a variety of ages, races and thickness, and they’re all willing to jump, dance and shake what they’ve got.

Here’s the video for the new Big Dipper song “Lookin’”:

Have you ever seen a better mix of sexy bears? Seriously. If outdoor car washes employed men like this and made them wear denim booty shorts as their official work uniform, we’d wash our cars twice a day.

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And let’s hear it for Love Connie (who you may remember from that time when Meatball previewed one of Connie’s L.A. shows on Welcome to Meatland). Werque. He busts out some moves at the song’s zenith, and Big Dipper has no choice but to bounce him out of frame with his belly, lest Connie steal Dipper’s thunder.

Big Dipper tells Hornet that he’ll be performing at the Valley Pride Festival in Burbank on Aug. 12, in addition to the release of that full length album, Late Bloomer, so stay tuned!

What do you think of the new Big Dipper song “Lookin’”? Sound off in the comments.

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