‘Queer Eye’ Food Guy Antoni Responds to the Haters Who Doubt His Skills

‘Queer Eye’ Food Guy Antoni Responds to the Haters Who Doubt His Skills

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The Queer Eye reboot on Netflix may not give life-saving tips to gay men who already know how to color-coordinate or apply hair product, but god knows it’s perfect for those needing a good cry! (Seriously, we cried at every. single. episode.) And while each of the guys does an amazing job on the reboot’s eight episodes, one in particular — Queer Eye food guy Antoni Porowski — has caught some flak online for having questionable authority when it comes to being a “culinary pro.”

In a recent sit-down with Entertainment Weekly, Antoni was given the opportunity to respond to the haters, many of whom have pointed out that his kitchen skills seem to include nothing more complicated than guacamole, grilled cheese sandwiches and grilled hot dogs.

But as he tells EW, “First of all, Queer Eye is not a cooking show. I thought it was going to be, in the beginning; I thought I was going to be making these four-course meals for every single one of the heroes. And just for the record, I did make several components for each of these guys but a lot of it doesn’t make it to the edit, and that’s neither here nor there; there’s no point in rehashing that because it’s lost footage, unfortunately.”

Queer Eye food guy Antoni goes on to discuss his culinary CV: “I’m very honest about my food background; I’ve never tried to pretend like I was a chef. I think that’s disrespectful to people who have gone to [the Culinary Institute of America] and different culinary institutes throughout the world.”

His background is actually in psychology, he says, which ya gotta admit, makes sense considering the show is all about him helping these straight guys better their lives and get self-motivated.

Overall, though, Antoni seems to have a strong head on his shoulders, and he’s not about to let some online haters bring him down. He also knows he’s pretty damn attractive, and admits “95 percent of [social media reaction to himself] has been really kind words with very positive things about my physical appearance.”

The Queer Eye food guy ain’t no dummy.


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All images from Antoni Porowski’s Instagram account

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