Now That ‘Queer Eye’ Has Been Renewed for a Second Season, Here Are 5 Things We’d Like to See

Now That ‘Queer Eye’ Has Been Renewed for a Second Season, Here Are 5 Things We’d Like to See

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We just learned that Netflix’s reality makeover show Queer Eye got renewed for a second season. And while we’re excited about a Queer Eye Season 2, here are five things I feel could help make the show more inclusive and fun for everyone.

1. Fewer antics, more explanation.

Something the original Queer Eye for the Straight Guy did well was spend time explaining the makeover choices more in-depth so that viewers could incorporate those changes into their own lives. If she show spent a little less time showing the Fab 5 being kooky and more time explaining the reasons and considerations one should make when re-styling their grooming products, living spaces, cooking or personal engagement style, then it’d allow them to show off their expertise while helping home viewers as well.

2. Stop dressing everyone in prints!

For god’s sake, Tan France, stop making every man you re-style wear prints. In fact, he seems to dress every guy in whatever normcore mall trend is in fashion these days rather than creating looks that really let the guy’s individuality shine through. Use online clothing sites, get some custom T-shirts and statement pieces and let that caged bird fly, Tan.

Tan France dresses up Neal in a print dress shirt and blazer.

3. Work with a trans person!

Seeing as how the “queer” Fab 5 cast consists entirely of cis gay men, let’s continue queering up the show by showing the Fab 5 help a newly transitioning trans man. It can be difficult to nail male grooming and fashion, so the Fab 5 would be key there. But in helping a trans guy, they could also help educate viewers about real-life issues trans people face when trying to live their truth.

4. Go to more than just one city, please.

We get that the show’s producers set the entire first season in Georgia to keep costs down, but now that Queer Eye Season 2 will have more episodes, perhaps that means more money to travel around to more than just one state to help friendly schlubs in need. Maybe we could go to even redder Southern states like Mississippi or Alabama, or try some states in the Rust Belt.

5. Antoni should actually cook something.

Last season the hunky food guy got read for not really teaching his inept dudes how to “cook” anything but grilled cheese, guacamole and sangria (i.e., not actual food). Although he came close to an actual meal by teaching the closeted guy how to make arepas and the firefighters how to make fancy-schmancy hot dogs, this time he should step up and actually teach a guy an impressive (but simple) dish instead of just an appetizer.

What other changes should appear in Queer Eye Season 2? Sound off in the comments.

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