7 Actors Who Could Totally Replace Henry Cavill as Superman Celebrities

7 Actors Who Could Totally Replace Henry Cavill as Superman

Written by Dan Avery on September 25, 2018
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If the reports are true, Henry Cavill is out as the DC Extended Universe’s Superman. The 35-year-old, hunky British actor has reportedly walked away from his portrayal of the Man of Steel after negotiations for a cameo in the upcoming Shazam movie fell apart. But who could possibly replace Henry Cavill? There’s been no news on a replacement thus far.

Warner Bros. might eventually tempt Cavill to put the supersuit back on, but if the studio doesn’t, we think there are plenty of hunky actors in Hollywood who could replace Cavill and take his place as Kal-El.

Here are our seven favorite candidates for consideration to replace Henry Cavill:

1. Tyler Hoechlin

could Tyler Hoechlin replace Henry Cavill
This Teen Wolf hottie is already playing Superman and Clark Kent on The CW’s Supergirl, so we already know he looks good in the uniform! Why not have DC’s movies and TV shows line up for a change? Coming down the pipeline soon is Hoechlin’s beefed-up role in the bodybuilding biopic Bigger.

2. Michael B. Jordan

The Creed star has actually been leaked as a contender to replace Henry Cavill, leading racist trolls to explode in the dark recesses of social media. (No surprise there.) But there’s actually precedent for a black Superman: In DC Comics, the Superman of Earth 2 died defending the planet and was succeeded by Val-Zod, a Kryptonian who was for all intents and purposes a black man. (I mean, technically he wasn’t human, but you know what we mean.)

Michael B. Jordan has already appeared in two Marvel films, Black Panther and Fantastic Four, so a dabble in the DC Cinematic Universe makes perfect sense.

3. K.J. Apa

replace Henry Cavill kj apa

The Riverdale star might have to actually lose some muscles to replace Henry Cavill as Superman. We can’t get enough of this young Aussie actor, who kills it weekly on The CW’s Twin Peaks-reminiscent Riverdale.

4. Jamie Dornan

replace Henry Cavill jamie dornan

How do you replace a sexy British actor who’s not afraid of taking his shirt off? With another British actor not afraid of taking his shirt off! You’re likely most familiar with Dornan from the 50 Shades franchise, but as cheesy (and, yeah, pretty horrible) as those films were, Dornan did a stellar job in UK drama The Fall (he played a serial killer) and looks great in the upcoming Robin Hood reboot.

5. Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello replace Henry Cavill
The True Blood star was reportedly considered for Superman even before Cavill put on the cape, but he had to back out because of scheduling conflicts. Instead, he had a post-credits scene in Justice League as the villainous Deathstroke. Of course, since his cameo was as a masked villain, there’s no reason he couldn’t be swapped back in as the Man of Steel.

6. Matt Bomer

MATT BOMER turn on replace Henry Cavill
It’d be nice for an out gay actor to play the hero for once, wouldn’t it? Bomer certainly has the good looks and physique to play the Man of Steel. And the Missouri-born actor just exudes that “aw shucks” aura so well, making him a shoo-in for shy journalist Clark Kent.

7. Miguel Ángel Silvestre

replace Henry Cavill miguel angel silvestre

And last, why not a Latino Clark Kent to replace Henry Cavill? Silvestre has already shown us he can play soulful and complicated characters in his roles as gay actor Lito Rodriguez on Sense8 and as Franklin Jurado on Narcos. Maybe DC should give him a shot!

Which actor would you pick to replace Henry Cavill as Superman?

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