Henry Cavill to Ditch Superman for Streaming, Where He’ll Play a Hunky Video Game Character

Henry Cavill to Ditch Superman for Streaming, Where He’ll Play a Hunky Video Game Character

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Word has just come down that Henry Cavill will no longer be playing Superman in the DC Cinematic Universe. But before you start to worry about missing the hunky Brit actor, rest assured that he’s not going anywhere. In fact, his most recently announced project sees him making the shift from film to television. Henry Cavill will play video game hero Geralt in a Netflix series adaptation of The Witcher.

It was just announced this morning that Henry Cavill and Warner Bros. couldn’t reach an agreement regarding a Superman cameo in the upcoming Shazam! 

Not much is known about what was planned for Superman in Shazam!, but we won’t find out. The official word is that Henry Cavill bowed out due to scheduling conflicts, which would make sense considering he’s signed on to do The Witcher. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, Cavill joined The Witcher only after those Warner Bros. talks failed.

As for The Witcher, Cavill will play Geralt of Rivia, the star of the series. Geralt is a monster hunter who is forced to team up with a sorceress and a princess as the three fight off monsters.

That said, you might know Geralt best as “the video game guy in the wooden washtub.”

Sexy Bathtub Geralt, as seen in The Witcher

In an amusing running gag to troll homophobes and obnoxious GamerGate types who aren’t fans of the above screencap, PC Gamer always uses it for any Witcher news. The meme became so famous that a Geralt bathtub statue was even made.

The Witcher will reportedly be an eight-episode series for Netflix. Its showrunner, Lauren S. Hissrich, previously worked on Marvel’s Daredevil. Interestingly, she left Twitter on Monday due to harassment over rumors that Geralt’s adoptive daughter will be played by a young woman of color despite being a white character in the game.

As for Superman, there’s no word yet on who could replace Henry Cavill, particularly as a solo Superman sequel isn’t expected for several years. That said, rumors are swirling that Michael B. Jordan may be offered the role — but we’ll have to see.

Do you think we’ll get any sexy promo pictures of Henry Cavill as Geralt in a wooden bath?

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