You May Soon Be Able to Buy a Sexy Statue Based on a Meme Designed to Troll Homophobes

You May Soon Be Able to Buy a Sexy Statue Based on a Meme Designed to Troll Homophobes

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There’s nothing finer in this life than trolling homophobes. PC Gamer learned this when they started including a screenshot of a Witcher character in the tub in their coverage of the game. And now — or at least soon — you’ll be able to buy your own sexy Geralt bathtub statue, and we couldn’t be more pleased.

It all started a few years back. Whenever PC Gamer would cover the series The Witcher, they’d include a screenshot of Witcher 3‘s hero, Geralt, relaxing in the bath. Though for most games, they’d include a shot of the hero looking majestic, perhaps brandishing a sword, Witcher got Geralt in the tub.

PC Gamer started doing this to troll obnoxious homophobic gamers — always a noble goal — who demand sexually objectified female characters, but are repulsed if a male character is sexualized in the same way.

And now Dark Horse, the publisher and toy manufacturer that holds the Witcher license, is getting into the fun. Last week was the New York Toy Fair, and Dark Horse debuted a few of their figurines. Most of the figures were what you’d expect — Geralt looking all badass with his sword drawn. Or another bust where Geralt is playing the official Witcher card game, Gwent. But our favorite is the Geralt bathtub statue, shown here photographed by Polygon:


The sexy Geralt bathtub statue (courtesy of Polygon)

To be fair, it’s not entirely accurate — Dark Horse gave Geralt a rubber duckie (clearly an oversight in the original game). But we love it. The Geralt bathtub statue is similar to one PC Gamer was sent last year. That one had some different coloration, plus a base that said “Never take a bath without PC Gamer,” complete with tiny magazines around the tub. That package came from the developers of the Witcher games, CD Projekt RED.

The PC Gamer version of the statue (Courtesy of PC Gamer)

However, if you want your own Geralt bathtub statue, you’ll have to wait. The release date was listed as “TBD,” and the color scheme hasn’t been finalized. Apparently, Dark Horse and CD Projekt RED aren’t sure they want to release it at all — so if you’d like one, politely encourage them.

After all, doesn’t everyone deserve to have a Geralt bathtub statue in their own home?


Featured image courtesy of Polygon

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