Every Single One of the ‘Drag Race’ Season 10 Finale Looks, Ranked

Every Single One of the ‘Drag Race’ Season 10 Finale Looks, Ranked

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The gay Super Bowl has officially come and gone. On the day following the Season 10 finale, many RuPaul’s Drag Race fans are ecstatic, while others saw the world come crashing down around them when their pick for “America’s Next Drag Superstar” wasn’t awarded the crown. But what about those Season 10 finale looks, though?

It was a night awash in glamour, stunts and a few glamorous stunts. Now let’s take a look at how all the queens fared by being unfairly critical of their Season 10 finale looks.

Below are every single one of the Season 10 finale looks, ranked:

32. Victoria ‘Porkchop’ Parker

This look suffered from mismatched ideas. The silk robe on top has a bold graphic print, which didn’t read well alongside the simple gold sequin number underneath.

31. Nina Flowers

From the neck down this look is basically perfection — a drag version of Iron Man — but that ginormous monstrosity sitting on Nina’s head completely ruined it for us. Seriously, what is it? We expect better from you, Nina! You’re a legend!

30. Jade

As much as we’re living for the Charo wig and the full-length cape, this look could use a bit of editing.

29. Kalorie Karbdashian Williams

A bit simple for the Season 10 finale, no? And why that wig?

28. Yuhua Hamasaki

She’s the super-talented dress-maker behind several of the Season 10 queens, but we were underwhelmed with this look, which we feel like we’ve seen (on her) before. (Though, yes, that headpiece is seriously untouchable.) And why let a giant fan overshadow you during your big moment? Maybe she should have saved the reunion’s The Ring-inspired look for last night.

27. Bebe Zahara Benet

For the very first winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, this look was, to be blunt, a total snooze. That gigantic crown is its main selling point.

26. Kameron Michaels (third look)

Possibly the least memorable look of the night, which is quite a feat considering she competed in the finale’s main event. What’s with that choice of hair color with that dress? The “Red Queen” vibe just didn’t work, henny.

25. Dusty Ray Bottoms

Something about this look just serves ‘predictable,’ no? Not for any other queen, but predictable for Dusty Ray Bottoms. As in, she didn’t have it made for the finale but dug it out of her closet.

24. Eureka O’Hara (third look)

With some serious editing this could have been one of the top looks of the night. But just like with T-shirts that blare a big ol’ slogan across the chest, we are not fans of the words “The Big Girl” blasted across Eureka’s stomach. Gauche.

23. The Vixen

Nearly everything The Vixen sported on Season 10 was more exciting than this look. The dress also has a weird silhouette, as the flowy part of the dress should have started either a foot higher or a foot lower. How amazing would a body suit in that brocade print have been?!

22. Monique Heart

OK, sure, the whole “cow thing” kinda became an inside joke for her this season, but you’re seriously gonna walk out in cow print? Nah. We actually preferred this look before its reveal!

21. Aquaria (third look)

Our least favorite look from the night’s big winner, we were a bit disappointed to see something so uninspired as her final look of the night. Where’s the high fashion inspiration we’ve come to love from you, Aquaria? This was more akin to teenage superhero.

20. Monét X Change

While it’s commendable that Monét is squeezing that sponge reference (pun intended) for all its worth, she needed to step it up just a bit more at the Season 10 finale. A simple two-colored gown will get you only so far when you’re at a season’s end.

19. Eureka O’Hara (first look)

Even with the Scarlet O’Hara reference (which, granted, was well thought out) this look was a bit tame for a Top Four girl introducing herself to the finale crowd. She did score extra points for the slow reveal of the dress lowering to her feet, but shouldn’t a “reveal” reveal something more exciting underneath?

18. Miz Cracker

What’s with the ‘Sicilian grandmother at a funeral’ look? It seemed rather off-character for the queen we came to love on the show, but it’s hard to find fault in what’s really a gorgeous getup.

17. Mayhem Miller

The color of this gown (a really gorgeous seafoam) saved this lewk from appearing much lower on our list. It was almost too simple for a finale look.

16. Ongina

If we don’t see this hilarious pint-sized queen on a future All Stars season, we’re gonna revolt! Ongina regularly serves fashion to the audience, and her Season 10 finale look didn’t disappoint.

15. Kameron Michaels (first look)

Fellow fans of anime no doubt creamed themselves over this look, which scores extra points for its sheer volume, but it still left us a bit underwhelmed. I’m not sure you can serve “pretty pretty princess” when you’re decked out in tattoo sleeves.

14. Asia O’Hara (second look)

Yes, the butterfly effect failed miserably, but we still gagged over the look.

13. Kameron Michaels (second look)

This look pre-reveal was really quite a snooze (can someone enact a law against any Drag Race queen sporting a kimono ever again?) but when it later revealed a Shokra-designed corset, we totally fell in line. Stunning.

12. Shannel

A Vegas queen through and through, Shannel legit has no clue how to tone it down. She always ramps things up to an 11, and this time it paid off. Loved the silhouette and the Thai-inspired fingernails.

11. Valentina

We got to see Miss Valentina live from Europe, though only from the cleavage up, but damn did she look good. We had no idea how much we’d missed those Brooke Shields brows and Linda Evangelista good looks.

10. Eureka O’Hara (second look)

This was the only look of the night that had two built-in reveals, though we wish she’d stuck with the middle option, as that red fringe-y number was hot!

9. Aquaria (second look)

In her first lip sync last night’s winner went from foil-wrapped Jiffy Pop to a mauve-colored princess Koopa. Love the spikes. And who knew it was possible to make a “boob reveal” just as exciting as a wig reveal?

8. Akasha

Another Season 1 queen who really shone onstage last night, Akasha knows how to fill a body suit. Not thrilled by the choice of footwear — a pair of thigh high boots — but it was enough to leave us hunting for Akasha’s upcoming tour dates.

7. Blair St. Clair

Maybe it’s controversial to say, but we didn’t think Blair St. Clair got the credit due to her this season, as she sported more than one stunning look on the runway. Her Season 10 finale look was a stunner, too.

6. Rebecca Glasscock

It’s a name we haven’t uttered in years, but this Season 1 vet looked amazing and outshone her peers in a gown that was surely stolen from the 1983 set of Dynasty and was reminiscent of Meryl Streep’s Madeline Ashton in Death Becomes Her.

5. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo

Sure, we only saw two looks this entire season from Miss Vanjie, one being her werkroom entrance look and the other being the Barbies-and-flowers look she went home in, so maybe we were just stoked to get to see her in something fresh. But she looked … dare we say? … elegant in her white brocade number. (Though, was it just us or did that body shimmer look like chest hair under the stage lights?)

4. Asia O’Hara (first look)

It’s as if the Texas pageant queen raided the closet of Aaliyah’s Queen Akasha of Queen of the Damned. She looked like true royalty.

3. Aquaria (first look)

It’s clean, it’s sexy and with that cut-out eye visor appliqué it’s giving us something we’ve legit never seen before, which ain’t easy to do. The styling of the look — from wig to accessories — is spot on, and it’s but one reason we’re not surprised she snatched the crown at the finale’s end.

2. RuPaul

In second place is the queen herself. That fringe, that wig, that flawless mug. Perfection.

1. Sasha Velour

Even besting RuPaul himself last night, this look could be one of the most jaw-dropping, gorgeous pieces of wearable art we’ve ever seen. Like, ever. Serving an alien goddess wrapped in a snake, it also conjures original Ghostbusters villain Zuul, and for that, we thank you, Sasha.

Which was your favorite of the Drag Race Season 10 finale looks?

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