You’ll Swoon Over These 20 Pics of a Sexy Puerto Rico Pilot Who’s Making Instagram Hearts Soar

You’ll Swoon Over These 20 Pics of a Sexy Puerto Rico Pilot Who’s Making Instagram Hearts Soar

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A six foot five inch Puerto Rican pilot named Isai Ortiz (pronounced EE-sah-EE or-TEEZ) has recently become Insta-famous thanks to the sexy selfies on his Instagram. The pilot is reportedly from Naguabo, Puerto Rico. He currently works for Delta Airlines, is Christian, gay and has some incredibly hot beach friends.

His job sometimes takes him all around the U.S., often flying entire days for six days on end. Once, on a single day, he flew to South Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, New York City and Miami.

Even though most of his pics are shirtless selfies, the comments he makes on them also show some heart and depth. For example, his most recent post mentions those still struggling in his home country following Hurricane Maria (and the lack of response from the government):

Many people in my #PuertoRico are still without power, 7 months now and counting, including my parents, thanks to the awful government administration’s political games. Non-profit organizations have tried to help restore power and the government has turned them down.

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Ortiz also recently had to put his seven-year-old dachshund pinscher dog Shiloh to sleep after a painful back condition caused the canine severe, ongoing pain that would’ve cost $7,000 in surgery every seven months to treat. About Shiloh’s passing, he wrote:

It has been the most difficult/painful decision I have ever part-taken in. I can’t hold back my tears as I write this…. He lived a good life. I will never forget him. Love you, Shiloh. (I used to whisper that in his ear whenever I saw him.)

At the beginning of the year, he sold his house in Atlanta, presumably to move to Florida. (He has a love of beaches and warm weather.) His Facebook also shares some of his favorite music and advocates for political issues like net neutrality.

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He has also unabashedly shared the fact that he has visited a cosmetic surgeon to help remove some chicken pox scars and get some botox. Good looks and transparency? Sign us up for a flight with Mr. Ortiz!

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