Meet ‘The Gaymers,’ 7 Sexy Mexican Guys Who Have Created a Gaming Community

Meet ‘The Gaymers,’ 7 Sexy Mexican Guys Who Have Created a Gaming Community

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Our latest gaming obsession isn’t actually a new game — though we’re still loving Gaydorado — but The Gaymers. They’re a group of seven friends from Mexico named Dario, Jorge, Edgar, Alex, Carlo, Roberto and Luis who share their love for geekly pursuits like video games, anime, comics and movies. They’ve built a community on Instagram, and we love them!

We got to speak with one of the Gaymers, Robert Sánchez, about the beginning of the group.

“We get together once a week,” he tells Hornet. “We called it ‘gaymers night,’ and we hold our meetings at each others’ houses — it changes every week. We have dinner and play games. Our favorites are Mario Kart and Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Switch, Just Dance on the Kinect and, of course, Pokémon for the DS. Sometimes we help each other out on hard levels. But we also just gossip about video games, movies and everything else that comes to mind!”

Let’s meet each of the 7 Gaymers

1. Dario Naderi

Dario loves older games and classic consoles. He’s also the guy to go to when you want to catch up on video game trivia! Find him on Hornet here.

2. Luis Gutiérrez

Luis knows everything! He’ll give you the scoop on upcoming video games, consoles and events. Luis also works in the industry — and as you can tell from his photo, he’s a big fan of Harry Potter. Find him on Hornet here.

3. Jorge Mijangos

Jorge loves Disney and Pokémon — you could call him a pokéfan — and his specialty is the Nintendo family of consoles. Find him on Hornet here.

4. Carlo Villarreal

Carlo is totally kawaii! He loves Sailor Moon so much that he’s got a tattoo for every sailor scout! He’s not only into cute things, though, as he also loves horror games. His favorite console is the PS4, and he loves to cosplay. Carlo’s day job is as the director of Santa Diabla, a production company that makes videos for big Mexican stars like Lorena Herrera and Manelyk.

5. Roberto Sánchez

Roberto’s a big Star Wars fan and, like Luis, he’s also into Harry Potter. He loves Hollywood, and between games, you can usually find him talking about celebrities.

6. Dr. Edgar

Edgar is the health gaymer — just like Dr. Mario. But unlike Mario, he actually is a doctor! Other than the human body, Edgar also knows everything about anime and RPGs.

7. Alex Chacón

Alex is the king of Just Dance — and he loves choreography — but his gaymer heart belongs to Zelda. He’s kind of naughty, but talking about gaming is his true love.


We love each of the Gaymers — and we’re sure you will, too. Roberto says, “We’re not just LGBT-friendly, we’re human friendly. We want our content to be for everyone. We loved video games ever since we were kids, and we still do. Video games are fun and for everybody, just like us.”

Right now The Gaymers have just got an Instagram account, but they’re also working on a Facebook page and putting videos up on YouTube.

Who’s your favorite of The Gaymers? Sound off in the comments below.