Deadpool May Get Some Same-Sex Love in the Sequel Thanks to This Bi, Poly Superhero Sidekick

Deadpool May Get Some Same-Sex Love in the Sequel Thanks to This Bi, Poly Superhero Sidekick

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In a January 2017 interview with Variety, Ryan Reynolds, the 39-year-old-actor who plays the Marvel film comic book superhero Deadpool, said that he’d totally be down with Deadpool having a boyfriend in a future film. The possibility of that happening just increased with the recent revelation that bisexual and polyamorous superhero Shatterstar will appear in the upcoming Deadpool sequel.

Shatterstar, a time-traveling alien mutant from the X-Men universe, started out in the comics as asexual. However, after spending time on Earth, he developed feelings for a fellow tremor-causing mutant named Rictor. The two kissed on the August 2009 cover of X-Factor #45. Although his original co-creator Rob Liefeld maintained that Shatterstar is asexual, X-Factor comics book writer Peter David maintains the hero is both bi and poly.

Actor Stefan Kapičić, who played Colossus the mighty metallic X-Man in Deadpool, confirmed that Shatterstar briefly appears in the Deadpool sequel’s film trailer (visible at 1:38 in the video below).

Here’s Shatterstar in the film trailer (in case you missed him):

Deadpool identifies as pansexual. The Guardian says he “has flirted with Thor, propositioned Spider-Man and wouldn’t rule out, say, unicorns.” He’s also one of the most masturbated to comic book superheroes of 2017 and his first film showed him enjoying femdom and pegging.

However, The Guardian also calls Deadpool “a pansexual superhero who has never had a non-heterosexual experience.”

Yes, he talks about fondling Wolverine’s smooth balls, inadvertently teabags a bad guy and pecks another on the cheek after threatening to rape him, but we’ve yet to see Deadpool romance a dude onscreen.


Shatterstar, the bisexual and polyamorous X-Man

But maybe Deadpool’s pansexuality won’t come in a typical “romantic” form, says Reynolds.

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“What love is to Deadpool may not be what love is to Batman or someone else,” Reynolds told Variety. “I think that could be played up more. He’s an outsider in every way, shape and form.”


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