‘She-Ra’ Trailer Offers First Glimpse at Adora’s Transformation Into an Ass-Kicking Hero

‘She-Ra’ Trailer Offers First Glimpse at Adora’s Transformation Into an Ass-Kicking Hero

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Late last year, Netflix announced She-Ra reboot, and though we’ve seen a few teaser images since then, we’ve finally got our first glimpse at the show. The She-Ra trailer dropped today, and we can see Adora’s transformation sequence into the classic ’80s heroine.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is a revamped reboot of the original cartoon. In the new version, Adora is an orphan raised by the Horde, a group she knows very little about. But when she discovers a magical sword in the forest, she discovers the Horde is an evil army bent on world domination. She leaves and joins the rebellion. The She-Ra trailer focuses on the point when Adora finds the sword and becomes She-Ra for the first time.

The showrunner and executive producer is Noelle Stevenson. Stevenson is the author of the Eisner Award-winning comic series Lumberjanes, about campers fighting supernatural forces at a “Camp for Hardcore Lady Types.” Lumberjanes has been praised for its queer representation.

Noelle Stevenson, showrunner of the new She-Ra reboot.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Stevenson said she wanted to make sure her She-Ra was more than just flat characters telling a story. She says, “I also think, just as somebody who is this young woman who’s been sort of catapulted into a position of great power and a great destiny, that there was something that I really wanted to get into with her internal life. Like, who she was trying to be. How she saw herself, and sort of the fear and anxiety that comes along with that. Of trying to be the best person you possibly can. So that’s very central to her character.”

The new She-Ra is younger than the original, which has, of course, upset fragile men who are upset She-Ra’s no longer baring cleavage. One man who’s not upset, however, is the original co-creator, J. Michael Straczynski, who dismissed the complaints by revealing these “fans” had deeply misinterpreted the character. (Straczynski didn’t speak to the She-Ra reboot, as he’s not involved and hadn’t seen anything from the production beyond what was released to the public.)

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power debuts Nov. 16 on Netflix.

Watch the She-Ra trailer below:

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