The Gay ‘Golden Girls’ TV Show Looks Like It Might Actually Happen Thanks to a Big Name Producer

The Gay ‘Golden Girls’ TV Show Looks Like It Might Actually Happen Thanks to a Big Name Producer

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Last June, we told you about Silver Foxes, the “gay Golden Girls” TV project being developed by two former Golden Girls writers. Well, it looks like the project is one step closer to actually happening as its creators recently started development with the Turner Broadcasting-owned comedy production team Super Deluxe. Super Deluxe is the same team behind the 2018 gay deaf webseries This Close and the 10-episode remake of the 1985 gay drama My Beautiful Laundrette.

Former Golden Girls writers James Berg and Stan Zimmerman started developing their gay senior citizen sitcom last year and held a reading of the pilot with gay actors Leslie Jordan, George Takei and Bruce Vilanch as well as Parks and Recreation actors Todd Sherry and Cheri Oteri.

Zimmerman said major networks refused to even look at their pilot because of ageism and a desire to only consider shows that might snag younger (and more profitable) viewers.

Nevertheless, Super Deluxe chose to help develop the series for a cable network or streaming platform like Hulu, Amazon or Netflix.

Berg and Zimmerman reportedly got the idea for Silver Foxes after watching PJ Raval’s 2013 gay seniors documentary Before You Know It and a 2011 doc about LGBTQ seniors going back into the closet entitled Gen Silent.

Here is the trailer for Gen Silent:

Accordingly, the pilot episode of Silver Foxes involves a gay character who accidentally burns down his West Hollywood condo and feels forced to act butch to gain acceptance at his new retirement home. Sad about his charade, two similarly aged friends encourage him to move in with them instead.

“Every one of us is getting older,” Zimmerman says. “Especially with gays and lesbians and transgender [people], we create our own families — and that’s what The Golden Girls did. Those women came together and supported each other.”

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Silver Foxes comes at an interesting time in our history. Right now there are at least 3 million LGBTQ seniors living in the United States, but by the year 2034 that number will double.

And though TV execs worry about such a show not attracting younger viewers, the commercial viability of Golden Girls was also questioned before the show proved to be a hit — not just with blue hairs but with viewers across the age spectrum.

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