Straight Guys Love Their Dick Pics, Too, But They’re Not for Gay Eyes (Video)

Straight Guys Love Their Dick Pics, Too, But They’re Not for Gay Eyes (Video)

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Openly gay comedian Michael Henry excels at making hilarious videos out of contemporary pop-culture fodder whether it’s slut shaming, gay misogyny or straight women at gay bars. For his latest video, he’s poking fun at the contemporary trend of straight guys sending each other dick pics (something we recently covered). And in the Michael Henry straight dick pics video, he hints at why straight men might not want gay men to see their pics — it’s pretty hilarious (and very real).

As we mentioned, straight guys send each other dick pics asking for aesthetic feedback — opinions on “grooming/hair, background, lighting and whether to show their dicks erect or semi-erect,” for example — so they can use the best ones in sexts with other straight women.

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So when Henry finds himself in the company of three straight men trading sexy pics, he’d like a peek, but he quickly learns that that’s not quite how it works.

Here’s the Michael Henry straight dick pics video:

While some straight-identified men like to share sexually intimate experiences with other straight-identified men, they only do so with the assurance that they won’t be mistaken for gay.

For example, as straight and gay men become more comfortable being friends with each other, straight men have also become more comfortable flirting with other men, even if that means occasionally revealing their genitals to one another. For some straight men, this even goes as far as having “bud sex” together without either man identifying as gay.

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So sharing dick pics with other straight dudes is totally okay because it deepens their bond together, but if a gay man like Henry asks for the pics, it’s no longer about fraternal joking — it becomes erotic because the pictures might turn him on.

However, many gay men can attest that some of self-identified straight dudes may in fact be bisexual or at least open to intimacy with a gay man, no matter what how they self-identify.

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