Tom and Abby From ‘Queer Eye’ Broke Up Last Week and Now They’re Engaged to Be Married

Tom and Abby From ‘Queer Eye’ Broke Up Last Week and Now They’re Engaged to Be Married

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Are you ready for some Tom and Abby Queer Eye drama? The couple from Queer Eye Episode 1 is bringing it!

If you’ve watched Episode 1 of Netflix’s Queer Eye, the modern reboot of the old 2000-era makeover show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, then you already know about Tom Jackson — the lonely father who believed “you can’t fix ugly” — and Abby, Jackson’s ex-wife and the “love of my life” with whom he maintained a friendly and semi-romantic relationship. Although Tom and Abby had promised to go out on a quasi-date at the end of Episode 1, last week on Twitter, Jackson said that the two were “no longer together”. And now he’s saying that the two have reunited and “want to spend the rest of our lives together!!!!!!!!”

That’s a lot of exclamation marks, Tom. So which is it? Are you two broken up or engaged? (Such Tom and Abby Queer Eye drama!)

Tom and Abby, now and at their initial wedding day

So you may recall, that in Queer Eye, Jackson described himself as “a dumb old country boy from Kentucky” who lived in a untidy apartment and drank “redneck margaritas” (basically lime soda mixed with tequila). His Lupus gave him a bad complexion and he wore baggy clothes that made him look like a walking laundry basket.

The Fab 5 cleaned up his apartment (and his appearance) and got him to take Abbey to a platonic date at the local car show. Afterwards, the two convened at his newly renovated apartment to eat guacamole (thanks to questionable Food Guy Antoni Porowski) and discussed a second date.

We all left thinking they were set for romance until Jackson published this tweets last week:

And then yesterday, Jackson tweeted this picture of him and Abbey at an AMC movie theatre:

So… they broke up and then they’re engaged to get married a week ago?

Keep in mind that during Jackson’s Queer Eye episode, he told the Fab 5, “I love Abby more than anything. She says she loves me. I know I love her. You’ll have to ask her why she’s not with me.”

But they never actually asked her, so we have no idea why the two divorced in the first place. Either way, we hope the second time goes better for these two crazy, in-love kids. (And they have Jackson’s newly renovated apartment to enjoy until their wedding day too.)

What do you think of the Tom and Abby Queer Eye Episode 1 drama? Sound off in the comments.

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