The 1999 Gay Rom-Com ‘Trick’ Is Getting a 2019 Sequel. Here Are the Details

The 1999 Gay Rom-Com ‘Trick’ Is Getting a 2019 Sequel. Here Are the Details

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Fans of gay romantic comedies may recall the beloved 1999 flick Trick in which Gabriel, an ambitious musical composer meets Mark, a hunky go-go dancer. In the film, the two men look around New York City for a place to have sex but are cock-blocked at every turn. According to the film’s director, Jim Fall, there’s going to be a Trick sequel. Fall is writing it, it’ll be based in Los Angeles and drag comedian Coco Peru (who starred in the original film) will also be in it.

In a non-public Facebook post published yesterday, Fall announced that, just in time for the 20th anniversary of the original film, a Trick sequel in in the works with its release planned for 2019.

Fall said that the script is already written and he’ll be doing a reading with the cast soon. He said he’s also in the process of raising the money he’ll need to make it all happen.

A post from Jim Fall’s Facebook page announcing the Trick sequel

However, Fall added, “I miss Mark. Wish he was here. This wouldn’t exist without him.”

Fall is probably talking about Mark Beigelman, co-executive producer of the original film. Beigelman was producer and legal advisor on several films who also provided production legal services for the New York-based 2001 lesbian rom-com Kissing Jessica Stein. Beigelman died on Sept. 7, 2016 at the age of 59.

It’s unclear whether the Trick sequel will follow the first film’s characters. Although the fact that Miss Coco Peru (birth name Clinton Leupp) is involved may hold a clue.

Miss Coco Peru beguiles Gabriel in a gay bar bathroom in the original Trick

In the original film, Coco Peru appeared in the middle of the film as Gabriel and Mark stop at a gay bar to figure out their next move. Peru corners Gabriel in the bathroom to talk trash about Mark, claiming to have hooked up with him. Peru then says that Mark abruptly left after their sexual encounter, giving Peru a fake phone number upon departure.

It’s later revealed that Peru recorded his sexual encounter with Mark without Mark’s consent, explaining Mark’s behavior and establishing Peru as a villain.

Jim Fall, director and co-producer of Trick will also write, direct and co-produce the Trick sequel

We imagine the Trick sequel will serve as a love letter of sorts to Los Angeles, just as the first film was to New York City. We also imagine it’ll incorporate the modern day reality of hook-up apps as two lovers (or more) try to navigate love and sex in the City of Angels.

Are you excited about the prospect of a Trick sequel?

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