10 Reasons Why Trixie Mattel Should Win ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3’

10 Reasons Why Trixie Mattel Should Win ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3’

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After her appearance on Season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Trixie Mattel went on to establish her own brand, which included a music career and a YouTube show turned Viceland series. So it’s no wonder she came back on All Stars 3 to slay her way into the top four.

Yes, she’s had some stumbles along the way, but Trixie has stayed true to her own style while also showing a capacity for growth and alliance-making that are the trademarks of a truly talented crown-winner.

Plus, this kooky queen is also funny, whether she’s serving up jokey dishes of shade to the camera or hamming it up on the runway and in acting challenges.

So while we strut into the season finale, don’t be surprised if Trixie Mattel unleashes some surprises from her pink-colored toybox. Because when it comes to Miss Mattel, playtime is slaytime!

Here are 10 reasons why Trixie Mattel should win the All Stars 3 crown:


1. She rocked her trademark makeup from her entry into the workroom all through the competition.


2. Her talent performance proved she can sing and play musical instruments with real skill!


3. She did her best acting alongside crazy-girl Milk in the Bitchelor maxi-challenge.


4. Her savvy decision to ally with Shangela showed she’s shrewd enough to make powerful pals.


5. Her post-Season 7 career shows she knows how to turn her drag into a potent (and popular) brand.


6. The girl can deliver some grade-A shade in her jokey but incredibly blunt way.


7. She was so good in her own season that RuPaul saw her undeniable talent and invited her back.


8. She’s not afraid to talk shit to Adam Lambert (and defend herself when he calls her on it).


9. She can rock nerd girl chic with the outfit, hair, glasses and socks.


10. She has shown real growth this season, pushing herself to take new risks more than ever before!


Team Trixie Mattel!

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