The 12 Most Watched Videos on Hornet in 2017

The 12 Most Watched Videos on Hornet in 2017

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As one of the newest LGBTQ media companies on the scene, Hornet dedicated itself in 2017 to scouring the globe for the most irresistible news, culture and lifestyle stories under the sun. With the goal of keeping our readers informed and in step with the world, we regularly report on issues of importance to the LGBTQ community, from news briefs and entertainment reviews to in-depth travel stories and think pieces on love, sex, relationships and health.

And late in 2017 we broke into the world of original video content. Here we’ve gathered all of our most watched videos (on YouTube and our many social media channels) into one place.

So come for one last ride on the hellish, broken-down roller coaster that was 2017.

Check out the most watched videos produced by Hornet below:


12. Watch This Hunky Politician Give a Perfect Disney Lip Sync

The un-bear-ably hunky Rep. Brian Sims posted a Disney-inspired lip sync on Facebook. When the video resurfaced a year later, it went viral, and many (unwanted) commenters called him out. Apparently, some people thought he was acting “too gay” for a politician. But the internet and Sims knew just how to clap back.


11. Anti-LGBT Neo-Nazis Have Infiltrated Australia With New Poster Campaign

Prior to Australia’s vote on same-sex marriage, a set of graphic posters were slowly popping up around the Melbourne area. The poster spread misinformation about the LGBT community and called for Australia to “STOP THE FAGS.” It turned out to be the work of an American Neo-Nazi group Iron March. But in the end, love won!


10. Gay Couple’s Pride Kiss Goes Viral

It started out with a kiss. Back in 1993, Kurt English and Nick Cardello attended the March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation, where they snapped a photo showing off their love for each other. The couple returned back to Washington, D.C., for this past year’s Equality March and recreated the photo. Then, the internet found it, and the rest was history.


9. Justin Bieber’s Hip New Church Has a Sordid Past of Sex Abuse and Conversion Therapy

The Hillsong Church has been a topic du jour for several of Hollywood’s elite, including Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez. But a quick dive into the church’s history revealed some sketchy and seriously anti-LGBT behavior.


8. Hornet Live: Meatball Terrorizes the ‘Dragula’ Season 2 Premiere

Watch as L.A.-based queen Meatball attends the series’ Season 2 premiere in Los Angeles, interviews the show’s new crop of contestants and generally terrorizes everyone in spitting distance. The end result is hilarious, which is why it’s no surprise this was one of our most watched videos in 2017.


7. Gay Conservative Journalist Chadwick Moore Spreads Fake News on Tucker Carlson Tonight

Gay conservative really made disliking them a hell of a lot easier in 2017. When Chadwick Moore appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight, he lied about Trump’s response to the Pulse shooting in Orlando. Oh, and he also said most of us gays are too busy with “pop music and going to the beach” to be interested in politics. How cute.


6. Hornet Live: RuPaul’s DragCon 2017 x The Resistance

We went to DragCon L.A. 2017 and asked some of our favorite queens how they #resist in America’s current political climate. Their reactions were both thought-provoking and hilarious.


5. Hornet Live: RuPaul’s DragCon NYC 2017

For DragCon’s New York City debut, we spoke to many of the queens in attendance about their wildest fan experiences. Trust us, these stories will not let you down, which is why this was one of the year’s most watched videos.


4. Meet Suistudio, Whose Badass Suits Use Naked Men as Props

The article version of this story came in at number one in our list of the year’s most-read stories, because people could not get enough of Suistudio’s womenswear campaign. With ads full of scantily clad men as props, the brand flipped the switch on gender norms in advertising.


3. Gay Mexican Slang with Pepe from Pepe y Teo

Are you a chacal? What about entron con lugar? Do you care for mecos? Do you have no clue what we’re talking about? Then watch Pepe give you a crash course on gay Mexican slang.


2. Meet Carson Jones, the Gay Son of Alabama Sen. Doug Jones

The internet — specifically the gay internet — found its latest boyfriend in newly sworn-in Alabama Sen. Doug Jones’ gay son (and zookeeper) Carson. We even got a chance to speak with him about his love life and the fact that, yep, he’s still single.


1. These Are 5 of the Best Gay Anime of All Time

From the dreamy coach/ice skater romance of Yuri!!! On Ice to the blossoming dystopian love in No. 6, we took the time to roundup our favorite gay anime for your viewing pleasure.


Which of Hornet’s most watched videos was your favorite in 2017? Sound off in the comments.

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