Watch Meatball Work Out Her Daddy Issues at One of L.A.’s Hottest Gay Parties

Watch Meatball Work Out Her Daddy Issues at One of L.A.’s Hottest Gay Parties

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For the second episode of our ongoing video series Welcome to Meatland, we sent Meatball to Downtown L.A.’s Daddy Issues party, the brainchild of London expat promoter Oly Innés. The party takes place at The Lash, and on the third Saturday of every month, it offers up two rooms (each with its own DJ) and a bevy of sexy partiers.

The Daddy Issues party is a rarity in L.A., seeing as how it originated across the pond in Londontown before making its way stateside. Though the L.A. iteration of the party is only about six months old, Daddy Issues originated a year and a half ago in the UK. But it’s also more than a party — it’s a brand.

After crafting the Daddy Issues party, Innés took to marketing the event through T-shirts — designed by @heyrooney — which have become their own business and are quite popular among the L.A. queer set. “It’s been so exciting seeing how in demand they have become, and seeing guys tag us in pictures of them all over the world,” Innés told us back in June 2017.

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The Daddy Issues party has also expanded into print media, releasing the debut issue of the Daddy Issues Zine last November. The 52-page, limited-edition collectible — featuring stunning, sexy photography of a wide range of queer men — was a hit among L.A. gays and guys around the world.

(You can keep up to date with the Daddy Issues party, shirts and zine on Instagram and Facebook.)

In this episode of Welcome to Meatland, Meatball speaks with Innés about his L.A. party (which she also does the door for); speaks with one of the city’s fellow drag favorites, Barbie’s Addiction; and chips the tooth of L.A. DJ Sindri (who, coincidentally, was also featured in Episode 1).

Watch Meatball terrorize L.A.’s Daddy Issues party in Welcome to Meatland episode 2:

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