A 5-Year-Old Boy Chose a Wonder Woman Backpack, and the Heroine Herself Approves

A 5-Year-Old Boy Chose a Wonder Woman Backpack, and the Heroine Herself Approves

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The first day of school is always exciting for kids. It means they’re growing up and school is an unknown world full of potential new friends — and besides, they don’t yet realize they’ll be going to school every day for the next 13 years at least. Isaac, a 5-year-old boy, needed to get school supplies and his mom let him pick out a backpack. He immediately picked the Wonder Woman backpack. And after his mom wrote about his choice, none other than Gal Gadot herself (the actress who played Wonder Woman in the 2017 DC Comics film) gave Isaac the thumbs up.

Writing for Romper, the kid’s mom, Katie Alicea, describes the scene. “I told him he could also pick out a brand new backpack,” she writes, “so he excitedly ran up and down aisles lined with every kind of backpack imaginable.”

She continues, “I thought he would have a hard time choosing because when I ask him his favorite color, his response is always ‘all of them.’ But he immediately knew the one he wanted. The Wonder Woman backpack.”

“I’ll be honest, my first response to him was, ‘Are you sure?’ Without skipping a beat, he replied, ‘Yes, I looked at all of them and I love superheroes the most, and this Wonder Woman backpack is my favorite! It has a crown, Mom! It’s perfect!’”

Isaac and his Wonder Woman backpack, photo by Katie Alicea

We totally agree — the crown makes the outfit, and he didn’t even mention that it comes with a Lasso of Truth. We’re totes jelly. But though Alicea was happy to buy the backpack for her son, she writes that she was a bit nervous that Isaac might be bullied by his peers for choosing a Wonder Woman backpack rather than a male superhero.

But she ends the piece by dismissing her worries, calling Isaac a “world-changer” and saying that she “can’t wait to see what the future holds for the coolest kid I know.”

Well, if anyone does give Isaac any guff about his favorite superhero, he’s got a very powerful ally: Gal Gadot, the actress who played Wonder Woman in the 2017 DC Comics film (and who will star in the upcoming sequel, set in 1984, with comedian Kristen Wiig as the villain, Cheetah).

The Wonder Woman actress tweeted her support for Isaac, writing: “Just read this article about breaking gender stereotypes by Katie Alicea. Such an important topic and something I believe in so strongly.”

It’s hard for folks to bully someone when Wonder Woman herself publicly has their back. Hera, give him strength!

Do you want your own Wonder Woman backpack?

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