Alaska’s New Musical Project Is a Witchy Departure from the Usual ‘Drag Race’ Dance Tunes

Alaska’s New Musical Project Is a Witchy Departure from the Usual ‘Drag Race’ Dance Tunes

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It’s typical for competing queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race to release a song or even an album after their stint on the reality TV competition. But Drag Race alum Alaska Thunderfuck is taking his music career a step further by stating a new duo called Alaska & Jeremy, featuring him and his longtime musical collaborator Jeremy Mikush. Not only is the duo releasing their debut album Amethyst Journey on Aug. 17, they’ve also got an entire tour planned with stops in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Fans of Thuderfuck may be more familiar with her hilariously dry dance tunes like “This Is My Hair (I Don’t Wear Wigs)” and “Your Makeup Is Terrible.” But it seems Alaska & Jeremy’s album won’t sound anything like Thunderfuck’s past work.

In fact, they’re describing it as “a folk music-based lullaby written for the people of Earth” that raises questions about the future we want from ourselves and whether the idea of extraterrestrial visitors comes “from a Savior complex … or an Armageddon complex.” Sounds pretty trippy.

“Jeremy and I have been making music together for over nine years,” Thunderfuck says. “After taking a retreat into the woods of the Russian River Valley to write, reflect and commune with nature and one another, Amethyst Journey was born.”

Thunderfuck says the songs on Amethyst Journey will a combination of the performers’ outlook and inspirations — “a response to current issues and the state of our planet,” he says.

“We believe the Queer community is a model for our global extended family,” Thunderfuck added, “and together we have the power to create positive change for all of humanity.”

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Mikush sounds like an interesting co-collaborator. In addition to getting a Ph.D. in musicology at UCLA, they also only have 50% hearing in each ear (due to a condition called otosclerosis). Mikush is part of the radical faerie community, dabbling in practices such as meditation, tarot and witchcraft. They also have musical influences ranging from medieval songs and baroque dances to electronic dance music.

Together, Amethyst Journey will drop their album on Aug. 17 alongside a music video for the album’s first song, “Aliens.” They’ve also got a witchy official website and tour dates stretching from Aug. 11 to Nov. 4 in various cities around the U.S., U.K. and Australia (though the dates aren’t yet posted on their site).

What do you think of Amethyst Journey, the musical collaboration between Alaska & Jeremy?

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