If You’re Wondering What a Bisexual Dating Show Looks Like, Watch This

If You’re Wondering What a Bisexual Dating Show Looks Like, Watch This

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Heterosexuals and homosexuals always get to have all the fun when it comes to dating shows. Reality TV dating competitions like The Bachelor and Finding Prince Charming always deal with people pining for either an opposite-sex or same-sex partner. But what would it look like if a dating show just had a bunch of bisexual men and women who could romantically hook up in any configuration? Wonder no longer because What’s Your Flava?, the first-ever Australian bisexual dating show is here!

What’s Your Flava is like a cooking show, a dating show and a Real World style reality show all wrapped into one zesty bisexual burrito. In it, two different two-person households prepare a dish for two mystery guests (who also bring a dish). After the first course, the two mystery guests then go to the opposite house to continue eating the second course.

Romance is for dinner, served up along with a generous side of sass. But who’ll get dessert? Watch and see!

Here’s the What’s Your Flava trailer:

What’s cool is that the show doesn’t bother explaining each character’s sexual orientation. While Deli’s roommate Steph says that he likes guys, Steph doesn’t explain whether he also likes women or non-binary people. Same goes for when Deli describes Steph’s taste in women.

It’s entirely possible that both feel varying levels of attraction to different genders, but instead of spoon-feeding us this info, the show just lets the characters unfold organically while we watch.

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The show is a production of the Australian Film Television and Radio School, so all of the participants are young adults mostly between ages 18 and 21. While the age range won’t appeal to all viewers, at least we get to see their quirks, insecurities, flaws and cooking skills on full display.

Also, the season and episodes are both short: There’ll only be five total with one released each week. The first episode (below) is a mere five-minutes long.

Here’s episode one of What’s Your Flava:

It’s especially important to see bisexuals on the screen, even if just in a web series, seeing as only 26 to 33% of all LGBTQ characters on network, cable and streaming TV are openly bisexual (according to GLAAD’s most recent count of queer TV characters).

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That means, among thousands of characters on three types of TV, only a total of 93 are bi (and all their depictions aren’t always so flattering).

What do you think of the bisexual dating show What’s Your Flava? Sound off in the comments.

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