Our 20 Favorite Posts in Honor of Sunday’s #BiVisibilityDay 2018

Our 20 Favorite Posts in Honor of Sunday’s #BiVisibilityDay 2018

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Yesterday was Bi Visibility Day, the annual day where the bisexual community and friends recognize bi history, community and culture and celebrate the bi individuals in their lives. You might’ve seen a bunch of #BiVisibilityDay posts on social media. But in case you didn’t, we’ve collected some of the best from Twitter and Instagram so you can enjoy them here.

As we’ve said before, #BiVisibilityDay matters because bi people are often afraid to come out due to anti-bi discrimination (even from within the gay community) and often feel invisible because of a lack of openly bi celebs and film and TV characters.

The most surprising post we saw involved Dana Terrance, creator of The Owl House, an upcoming animated fantasy series for the Disney Channel.

Dana Terrance, creator of The Owl House, came out during #BiVisibilityDay 2018

During #BiVisibilityDay, Terrance came out as bisexual, stating, “This is something I don’t talk about that much, or at all, but yup. I’m bi. First time saying that publicly! Thanks for all the sweet responses!”

Here are our 20 more of our favorite posts in honor of #BiVisibilityDay 2018:

Most people posted deliciously sexy selfies of their adorable bi selves.

One person shared this wonderfully understated song about bi pride:

Sexually fluid model Nyle DiMarco taught us all how to say “Yasss queen” in American Sign Language:

Someone shared a briefly autobiographical post about coming out thanks to the #BiVisibilityDay hashtag:

Another person offered a helpful reminder that the term “bisexual” isn’t related to the gender binary:

We enjoyed this animated graphic about the power of someone’s “bi-fi signal”:

One guy reminded others not to use their bi invisibility powers on #BiVisibilityDay:

Another reminded us not to forget about bi people living with disabilities:

And one person just made a delightfully silly pun:

Then we saw this empowering yet dizzying bi pride video:

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