Supermonster Competition Series ‘Boulet Brothers’ Dragula’ Finds a New Home at Netflix

Supermonster Competition Series ‘Boulet Brothers’ Dragula’ Finds a New Home at Netflix

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On Halloween night, after having wrapped up the critically lauded and most-watched third season of reality series Boulet Brothers’ Dragula, its creators and hosts made the show’s biggest announcement to date: a move to the world’s preeminent streaming service, Netflix. This Dragula on Netflix announcement means even more queer content on the popular platform.

Boulet Brothers’ Dragula, which doubled its audience between its second and third seasons, sees drag horror icons the Boulet Brothers gather 11 drag artists to compete in a no-holds-barred ‘reality TV-style’ competition, the winner of which takes home $25,000 and the title of “Dragula, the World’s Next Drag Supermonster.”

While on the series, contestants compete in challenges that test costume creation, special effects makeup, live performance and acting. Contestants in the bottom each week must face terrifying mental and physical challenges to remain in the competition. (In the past, these “extermination challenges” have included everything from being buried alive and skydiving to receiving tattoos and eating live spiders.)

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The show saw a ton of coverage ahead of its latest season for featuring not just drag queens but drag artists of all genders.

Speaking to Hornet in August, the Boulet Brothers said of the series, which was first birthed as a monthly nightlife party in Los Angeles, “It was commonplace at our event to feature queer performers from all walks of life. We’ve always wanted the show to match that diversity — it’s our ultimate vision for the show’s future. It’s a little uncomfortable to have people praising us for including drag kings, AFAB queens and nonbinary performers on the show, because the show is a reflection of our community, and the fact is, these people are as much a part of our community as cisgender gay men are.”

Simply put, Boulet Brothers’ Dragula has disrupted the idea of what drag can be, and particularly what the world recognizes as a televised drag competition series. With Dragula on Netflix, the series is sure to reach its largest audience yet.

Ahead of the new season’s August 2019 premiere, it had been announced that all three seasons of Boulet Brothers’ Dragula would be found on Amazon Prime. As of Halloween, the series has been moved to Netflix, and all three seasons are available to watch there.

Are you excited to see drag competition reality series Boulet Brothers’ Dragula on Netflix?

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