Eurovision 2018 Is Going to Be the Gayest Song Competition Yet, Thanks to These Queer Acts

Eurovision 2018 Is Going to Be the Gayest Song Competition Yet, Thanks to These Queer Acts

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The 43 song titles of Eurovision 2018 have been unveiled, and there are quite a few gay things to look (and listen) for when the final event takes place May 12 in Lisbon.

As you may know, American viewers can watch Eurovision 2018 via LogoTV and follow the show while Michelle Visage and Ross Mathews from RuPaul’s Drag Race provide commentary. Those living in the U.K. will be able to connect to the BBC for Graham Norton’s commentary.

Meet the presenters of Eurovision 2018, Filomena Cautela, Sílvia Alberto, Daniela Ruah and Catarina Furtado

Hottie alert!

Like every year, the great game of Eurovision begins after each country presents the music video for their official entry. (Head here to watch them all.)

So who has caught our eye? Well there’s a Czech Justin Timberlake, an Australian Kelly Clarkson (and yes, while Australia isn’t geographically part of Europe, it has been invited to participate in the contest for the last three years), a Danish Jared Leto, a Cypriot Beyoncé, a Swedish Bruno Mars and an Austrian Drake.

And that’s just some of the eye candy you’ll see onstage.

Queer videos and a romantic ballad with a couple of boys

Saara Aalto from Finland has queer boys galore wearing leather and makeup in her music video for “Monsters” (watch it above), and Croatian singer Franka looks like Xena the Warrior Princess in her video.

During the actual contest of Eurovision 2018 there will be the usual surprises, with many performers sure to serve up novelty onstage. Portugal’s heartfelt singer did this brilliantly last year as he meekly handled the mic during his modest (and winning) ballad. Ukraine served up a major surprise in 2016, besting Russia with its song decrying the horrors of war just months after Russia had invaded.

But the Eurovision 2018 song that has intrigued most gay viewers is Ireland’s, a romantic ballad with a video that shows a gay couple hand in hand (watch it below). Unfortunately, the song is unlikely to make it to the finals.

This year France has loomed large in the competition with its song that tells the story of the birth of a Nigerian girl on Aquarius, a humanitarian refugee ship that shipwrecked in the Mediterranean. The “political” side of this song is sure to please audiences. And even if the political song craze runs out of steam due to the competition’s other political songs, France should finish in the top 10 if its stagecraft matches the climax of the powerful song.

Gay fans are thoroughly behind the Israeli candidate

The big buzz of Eurovision 2018 is the song that will represent Israel. Singer Netta Barzilai (above) is a mix of Beth Ditto, M.I.A. and Björk — three artists with huge gay followings.

And her song is resolutely feminist. For proof, here’s the chorus: “I’m not your toy / You stupid boy” … Love it or hate it? No matter, many might see her win the entire thing on May 12.

Groups of gay fans are in the background supporting her. English bookies are ranking her song as highly likely to come in first. But haters are also flooding social networks with fat-shaming remarks. Their hate is reminiscent to the comments Conchita Wurst and Dana International faced, and we all know how successfully their songs ended up.

Will you be watching Eurovision 2018? Sound off in the comments.

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