This Hilarious Sketch of Celebrities Reading Trump to Filth Brought Down the Grammys Last Night (Video)

This Hilarious Sketch of Celebrities Reading Trump to Filth Brought Down the Grammys Last Night (Video)

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Last night’s Grammy Awards included a hilarious Fire and Fury sketch skewering U.S. President Donald Trump. It had A-grade reads on the Commander in Chief and an unexpected political celeb appearing at the sketch’s conclusion.

Grammys host James Corden began the segment by mentioning that the Grammys also give out an award for Best Spoken Word Album to the narrators of audiobooks. These awards have previously been given to former presidents Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter. And, Corden mentioned, a book about Trump may also be up for the award next year, but Corden wondered who would narrate it.

Thus began a hilarious, star-studded sketch where various celebrities read excerpts from Fire and Fury, the recently released salacious tell-all about the Trump administration.

Musician John Legend read a section saying that Trump doesn’t read anything and regularly gets bored when meeting with world leaders; legendary diva Cher read a part about how Trump’s impatience causes him to incorrectly use a men’s hair coloring product, leaving him with a faded orange-blonde mop; rapper Snoop Dogg read a section about Trump being upset that celebrities refused to perform at his inauguration — Dogg added, “I definitely wasn’t there.”

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The sketch continued with rapper Cardi B reading a part about Trump going to bed by 6:30pm with a cheeseburger — she asked, “Why am I even reading this shit? I can’t believe this…. this is how he lives his life??!”

Here is video of The Grammy Awards’ Fire and Fury sketch:

But the best read came from Trump’s political opponent, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, narrating a section about how Trump’s fear of being poisoned compels him to eat McDonalds. Corden interrupts Clinton’s reading to say that he think she’s the perfect fit for narrator. She exclaims, “You think so??! Grammy’s in the bag??”

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Sometimes you read the book, Donald, and sometimes the book reads you.

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