After His Nudes Leaked, Actor Keiynan Lonsdale Took to Social Media to Promote Body Positivity

After His Nudes Leaked, Actor Keiynan Lonsdale Took to Social Media to Promote Body Positivity

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It’s a serious invasion of privacy when anyone (including celebrities) has nude photos or videos that were intended for an individual leaked to the web for all to see. But actor Keiynan Lonsdale (you remember him from the 2018 gay teen romantic comedy Love, Simon and his role as Wally West (aka Kid Flash) in The CW’s The Flash) seems to have taken it in stride. Yesterday we were treated to a Keiynan Lonsdale nude photo shoot as the Australian-born bisexual actor, 26, posted a tasteful selfie on his Instagram while also addressing body image and body positivity.

(You know, mixed with a little thirst.)

The Keiynan Lonsdale nude selfie shows the actor kneeling in front of a mirror, with gold sequin fabric covering his crotch. The caption is a lengthy post about body positivity:

Dance naked, lose followers, gain leaders. Why is it deemed wrong to not wear clothes? We’ve been taught poorly and groomed to hold shame for ourselves, our human bodies. No matter what we look like, each of us is made to feel incorrect inside our own physical form, told that in order to survive and be a functioning, liked and well-respected person in society, we should hide this form from the world. That shit sounds whack to me.

Keiynan Lonsdale, photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

This Keiynan Lonsdale post hits on an important mental health issue in the LGBTQ community, considering the high rate of eating disorders and body dysmorphia among us.

And while it’s true that Lonsdale fits most mainstream beauty standards as a tall, slender, clean-cut guy, his post goes on to admit, “Now, I’m not at all at the confidence level to be [naked] in public lol — maybe one day I hope — but I’m sure as hell working on sharing and showing off my body to myself … and it feels good.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Keiynan Lonsdale nude. In July he posted a similar nude selfie in a bathroom mirror with a towel covering his lower half.

The actor came out as bisexual in May 2017.

What do you think of the Keiynan Lonsdale nude image?

Featured image of Keiynan Lonsdale by Nikko LaMere

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