‘Get Out’ and ‘Atlanta’ Actor Lakeith Stanfield Apologizes for His Homophobic Rap (Video)

‘Get Out’ and ‘Atlanta’ Actor Lakeith Stanfield Apologizes for His Homophobic Rap (Video)

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Yesterday, Lakeith Stanfield, an actor who appears in Jordan Peele’s horror film Get Out and Donald Glover’s TV series Atlantauploaded and then deleted a homophobic rap video on Instagram in which he said, “That’s some gay shit,” and “Fag, I don’t really like to brag but I’m straight, rich.” Today in a newly posted video, Lakeith Stanfield apologizes for the rap, calling his rap persona “a character” and saying, “I definitely don’t believe those things” and “I’m a person that moves in love.”

Even though Stanfield initially deleted the video from his Instagram, it was placed back on Twitter by the user @_BayBey who wrote in the caption, “So @lakeithlakeith from @AtlantaFX && @Sorry2BotherYou Though this ‘freestyle’ (that you can clearly see him looking down & reading) was appropriate?! Lol ppl are truly Homophobic weirdos Lakeith Stanfield sis you played yourself.”

@_BayBey late suggested that Stanfield might have uploaded the rap to build buzz for his current film project, Sorry to Bother You, a satirical comedy about a black telemarketer who finds success when he starts using “a white voice.”

However, Stanfield has since apologized, calling the rap the sort of thing he does occasionally without ever sharing it.

Here’s the video where Lakeith Stanfield apologizes for his homophobic rap:

Here’s his full response to the homophobic rap:

“Hey I make videos all the time which I usually end up deleting as soon as I make ‘em. And I assume characters that have different viewpoints and different views on life and just different perspectives. Some things my views are in line with and some things my views aren’t in line with. And this character that you’ve seen is a character that I’m definitely not in line with and I definitely don’t believe those things.

And so I just want people to know that coming from me that I’ve never been homophobic, have never agreed with homophobic thought or hatred towards anyone for that matter. I’m a person that moves in love and I wanna promote that mode and continue to push that and love for all people and all things and different types of love in every form it takes.

And so yeah, I just want people to have a clear understanding ‘cause sometimes I make these things that can be very offensive.”

What do you think of the video where Lakeith Stanfield apologizes for his homophobic rap?

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