Alaska and Willam Just Dropped the Debut Episode of Their New Podcast, ‘Race Chaser’

Alaska and Willam Just Dropped the Debut Episode of Their New Podcast, ‘Race Chaser’

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It’s always hard for fans when the latest season of RuPaul’s Drag Race ends. Sure, this year we had All Stars 3 right before Season 10, which made the wait easier, but now we’ve got to wait until March 2019 for a new season. Thankfully Alaska Thunderfuck, winner of All Stars 2, and Willam Belli, a fan-favorite sent home during Season 4, have just launched Race Chaser, their brand-new podcast.

Race Chaser, which dropped its debut episode today, will examine every episode of Drag Race. They’re going in order, too — the first episode is “Drag on a Dime,” named after the very first episode of Drag Race Season 1. The podcast is full of behind-the-scenes gossip and features Season 1 queen Tammie Brown, who’ll be doing a recurring segment, “Tammie Tidbits.”

Willam tells Hornet, “Alaska and I were inspired by Out on the Lanai, a Golden Girls podcast that goes over episodes one by one, after being trapped in the Burning Man exit line for seven hours with only podcasts to listen to. (A 17-year-old was off fucking some guy she met, so they issued an Amber Alert, halting exiting traffic … it was grueling). Fans can expect an open and honest look through eyes that have lived it, from the franchise’s (arguably) golden child and its prodigal son.”

There are a number of podcasts devoted to episode-by-episode deep dives. There’s Best. Podcast. Ever. that dissects all 639 episodes of The Simpsons (they’re up to #225, “Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo”) and Gilmore Guys, in which Kevin T. Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe began analyzing every episode of Gilmore Girls but then broke out into covering other shows, including Bunheads and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. But there hasn’t been one for Drag Race — until now.

Race Chaser is distributed by the Forever Dog podcast network. Forever Dog is also home to a number of other LGBTQ-starring podcasts, including Las Culturistas from Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang and Three Swings from Take My Wife‘s Rhea Butcher.

Before their debut podcast, Alaska and Willam released an amusing two-and-a-half minute teaser in which the queens leave each other voicemails. “Hi, Willam, it’s Alaska, I’m just calling to leave you this voicemail because our podcast is finally happening! I’m so gagged, I’m gagzilla, I’m gagarintra, I’m gagaroni, the San Francisco Treat.”

And Alaska’s not the only one gagging — we are too. You can listen to the teaser and the first episode of Race Chaser below. (And, of course, Alaska’s song of the same name is the theme tune. Because it had to be, right?)

Listen to the Race Chaser preview:

Then listen to the first episode of Race Chaser below:

Will Race Chaser hold you over until the next season of RuPaul’s Drag Race?

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