Alex Jones Tried Bringing Infowars to Vimeo, But the Streaming Service Said ‘Nope!’

Alex Jones Tried Bringing Infowars to Vimeo, But the Streaming Service Said ‘Nope!’

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Last week, InfoWars, the far-right conspiracy theory show hosted by hateful idiot Alex Jones, got banned from YouTube, Facebook and iTunes. Today, you can add the video hosting service Vimeo to the list of websites that don’t want its toxic crap on their servers. Vimeo banned InfoWars for the same reasons all the others did: because Jones’ show violated its Terms of Service prohibiting discriminatory and hateful content.

According to Business Insider, InfoWars had uploaded about a dozen videos onto Vimeo before last week, but it uploaded about 50 new videos on Thursday and Friday after being simultaneously banned from YouTube, Facebook and iTunes.

Soon after, Business Insider reports, Vimeo employees started complaining about hosting Jones’ hateful bile and within 48 hours, Vimeo decided that Jone’s paranoid rantings had violated the platform’s terms of service. Vimeo banned InfoWars then removed all of its videos.

After Vimeo banned InfoWars, they reportedly notified Jones and gave him a refund, adding, “We do not want to profit from content of this nature in any way.”

Jones is homophobic garbage who claimed that former U.S. President Barack Obama has sex with 10 dudes a day. Jones also hires hateful douchebags to sell worthless health supplements on his show. Among his show’s many dangerous fabrications, he claimed the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was faked — the parents of the kids killed in the tragedy are now suing him for defamation.

Jones also continues to peddle theories about Pizzagatethe homophobic conspiracy theory that accused a gay-owned Washington D.C. pizzeria of running a Democrat-led child molestation ring in its nonexistent basement. Repeating this theory led an armed gunman to confront the place in December 2016.

Jones and his hateful show have now been banned from YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, Google Podcast, Spotify, iHeartRadio, MailChimp, Disqus, LinkedIn, Flickr, Pinterest Stitcher, Vimeo and several others platforms. Nevertheless, the InfoWars app has become a massively popular download on Apple iPhones and Google Androids.

InfoWars still has Twitter — the only mainstream platform that hasn’t banned Alex Jones for violating its terms of service. Twitter initially said that Jones and Infowars hadn’t violated any of Twitter’s user policies. But when the news network CNN revealed that this was an outright lie, Jones and Infowars deleted their past tweets violating Twitter’s rules and Twitter has since allowed them to remain on their platform.

Do you think it’s acceptable that Vimeo banned InfoWars?

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