Week In Review: Cher Drops Gayest Album Ever, These Gay Penguins Just Want a Family

Week In Review: Cher Drops Gayest Album Ever, These Gay Penguins Just Want a Family

Written by Matt Keeley on September 28, 2018
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In the Week in Review, we look at 10 of the week’s top stories that you may have missed. In this week’s edition, we look at a very hunky vet, Cher’s new album, a heartwarming new gay comic book and a way to fight Trump with cats.

Here are 10 of the week’s top stories:

1. This Hunky Vet’s New Viral Video Has Us Rolling Over and Begging

hunky vet

Do you know hunky vet Dr. Evan Antin? The 34-year-old animal doctor was named People magazine’s Sexiest Beast Charmer — and it’s not hard to see why. The eyes, the muscles, those lips.

Read the full story here.

2. Cher Just Dropped the Gayest Album of All Time, and We’re Loving It

abba covers dancing queen teaser

The gayest record of 2018 — and any year in recent memory — wasn’t released by an LGBTQ musician. It comes to us courtesy of Cher’s 26th studio release, a collection of ABBA covers called Dancing Queen.

Read the full story here.

3. This Greek Drag Queen Was Murdered While Allegedly Trying to Rob an Athens Jewelry Store

In addition to being a Greek drag queen, Zak Kostopoulos — as Zachie Oh — was active in gender and gay rights. Open about being HIV-positive, he also worked with Positive Voice, Greece’s leading HIV/AIDS group. Nearly 500 people attended a vigil in his honor on Saturday night.

Read the full story here.

4. American Idol’s Ada Vox Sounds Off on the 5 Artists Who Most Inspire Her

ada vox teaser 2

You watched her sing her heart out on American Idol, but now Ada Vox — the show’s first drag queen contestant to perform throughout the show in drag — is taking matters into her own hands. The San Antonio-based Idol semi-finalist has officially released her first single, “Because of You,” and the rest is all herstory.

Read the full story here.

5. ‘That Blue Sky Feeling’ Is a Beautiful Comic About a Blossoming Gay Relationship

that blue sky feeling feata

High school is difficult for everybody, but when you’re the only gay kid in class, it can get awkward. The new mangaThat Blue Sky Feeling, is about that situation — at least at first. When Noshiro moves to a new city, he wonders why the other kids tend to leave Sanada alone. Being the overly friendly sort, Noshiro can’t let that stand and makes it his mission to make friends. And the rumors that Sanada might be gay don’t dissuade him — even if that stirs up some unknown feelings in Noshiro.

Read the full story here.

6. An 8-Step Guide for the Newly Single Guy Who Wants to Start Dating Again

newly single teaser

Being newly single and having the desire to date means engaging in new behaviors far different from how you led your life before. There is a needed vulnerability and assertiveness required of the newly single, because you can’t leave all the work on this magical other guy, expecting him to carry the responsibility of showing up at your door and asking you out.

Read the full story here.

7. Gay Penguins Start Drama in a Denmark Zoo by Stealing Another Couple’s Chick

gay penguins 01, Denmark zoo 01

A zookeeper at a Denmark zoo recently reported that a couple of gay penguins (pictured above) “kidnapped” a straight couple’s chick in their enclosure while its mom was bathing and its dad was ignoring it. The chick’s mom eventually found her chick and started squabbling with the gay penguins, but after the zookeeper returned the chick to its parents, the Denmark zoo gave the gay penguins their own egg to care for.

Read the full story here.

8. Mrs. Smith, the First Lady of Heavy Metal Shredding, Wants to Teach You the Bob Ross Technique

mrs. smith bob ross technique feat

Here at Hornet, we’re huge fans of Mrs. Smith, the First Lady of Shred. Though she’s had a hard life, she’s channeled that rage into amazing metal music. In celebration of her latest music video, “Bob Ross Technique,” she agreed to sit down with Hornet to talk about her debut EP, her influences and the time she got to experience Bob Ross in the flesh.

Read the full story here.

9. This Bold New Chinese Media Building Is a Penis-Shaped Skyscraper That Shoots Fireworks

penis-shaped buildings 06, penis-shaped buildings 06, Guangxi New Media Center

The southeastern Chinese province of Guangxi recently unveiled the Guangxi New Media Center (above), a skyscraper that, its designer says, is supposed to resemble the terraced rice paddies of the Chinese countryside. But anyone with eyes in their skull can see that it clearly resembles a penis with two prominent testicles at its base. If this weren’t brazen enough, at a Mid-Autumn Festival celebration this Monday, the building shot fireworks from its tip. Interestingly, it’s just the latest of several penis-shaped buildings from around the world, as you’ll soon see.

Read the full story here.

10. This Artist Is Fighting Trump, Homophobia and Masc4Masc Culture With Cats

homocats jockstrap teaser

In 2010, Brooklyn-based political artist and avid cat lover J. Morrison was inspired by the silly images from two of the earliest cat meme websites, LOLCats and I Can Has Cheezburger? Eager to insert some activism into his own artwork, he gradually started incorporating cats and text into his own work, crafting what would eventually become HOMOCATS, a cat-tastic art project “to fight phobias, propose equal rights, combat cultural stereotypes, challenge social norms” — and now “to resist Trump.”

Read the full story here.

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