Kevin Spacey Is Now Being Investigated for Sex Crimes in Los Angeles and London

Kevin Spacey Is Now Being Investigated for Sex Crimes in Los Angeles and London

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The fall of Kevin Spacey continues. Spacey has number of allegations of sexual misconduct against him; the claims include one from a member of Norway’s Royal Family who said Spacey groped him. Due to the allegations, he was fired from House of Cards and edited out of the film All the Money in the World. Law enforcement is getting involved; Scotland Yard has an investigation against him in London. And now, a new Kevin Spacey investigation has been launched in Los Angeles.

On April 5, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office presented the allegations against Spacey to the District Attorney’s office. The allegations stem from a man who claims Spacey sexually assaulted him in West Hollywood in October 1992.

Kevin Spacey and Anthony Rapp

According to police, the Special Victims Bureau opened an investigation a few weeks after Anthony Rapp’s allegations. Rapp said Kevin Spacey sexually harassed him in 1986 when Rapp was 14; Spacey was 26. According to Rapp, a drunken Spacey picked up Rapp, carried him to the bed and laid on top of him, and tried to convince him to have sex.

Scotland Yard’s investigation was launched last November. The English Kevin Spacey investigation is based on claims that Spacey assaulted a man in Lambreth in 2005, as well as an assault from 2008.

Though the Sheriff’s Office has presented the case to prosecutors, the prosecutors still have to decide whether or not to take the case. However, spokesperson Greg Risling says the case was under consideration.

While Spacey’s downfall was spurred by Rapp’s allegations, rumors had swirled around Hollywood for years. Family Guy even made a joke in 2005 in which a naked Stewie claims to have escaped from Spacey’s basement. In 2015, Defamer compiled anonymous stories alleging predatory behavior.

Spacey has also been linked with the rumored “child sex ring” with Bryan Singer.

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