#ThisWeekInThirst: Zac Efron’s Beard, Antoni in Undies and Shawn Mendes’ Armpits Get Sniffed

#ThisWeekInThirst: Zac Efron’s Beard, Antoni in Undies and Shawn Mendes’ Armpits Get Sniffed

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This week truly marked a lot of ‘firsts’ in thirst. We saw Queer Eye’s resident avocado enthusiast Antoni Porowski’s first gig as an underwear model. We also saw Zac Efron with a thick and bushy beard. And finally, we saw Shawn Mendes get his armpit interrogated by the nose of a Swedish radio host for (what we honestly think) was the first time.

Personal trainer Branden Hayward gave us some sex advice and we took a look at a Taiwanese film shaking up queer cinema in East Asia. We also unveiled Hornet’s Man of the Month for April, a burly barber from Brazil.

Click on the titles below for the full story, and enjoy this thirst roundup!

Is Hornet’s Brazilian Man of the Month for April the World’s Sexiest Barber?


Personal Trainer Branden Hayward Offers His Words of Wisdom for Great Sex

“Give yourself the permission to make mistakes. Also, to change your mind, at any time, about anything.”


This Explicit Film About a Group Hookup Marks a Major Shift in Taiwanese Gay Film

Sodom’s Cat is pushing boundaries in Taiwan, as the film reportedly shows a sexually explicit orgy between five young Taiwanese men.


This Pro Wrestler Just Made History by Incorporating LGBTQ Fans Into His Wrestlemania 34 Entrance

Come for the LGBTQ justice, stay for Finn Balor’s abs.


This Pansexual Artist’s Music Video Features an All-Nude Cast to Represent Fearlessness


Model Charles Laurent Marchand’s NSFW Shoot Will Leave You Parched


Zac Efron Is the Latest Celebrity to Seriously Up His Sexy Game by Growing a Beard

Following Efron’s latest film The Greatest Showman, which required him to be smooth-shaven, the actor has had some time to let his scruff grow out into a nicely manicured beard


This New Ad Campaign by Gorton’s Seafood Is a Progressive Move in a Very Heteronormative Industry

Breaking down heteronormative walls, one mer-bro at a time.


The Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party in Texas Is a Fabulous LGBT Fundraiser (Photos)


A Swedish Radio Hosts Gets Up, Close and Personal With Shawn Mendes’ Armpits (and Loves It)

Radio host Martin Bjork asked the pop star a series of question, which (somehow) ended with Bjork sniffing Shawn Mendes’s armpits and then exclaiming, “fuck, that was amazing.”

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