#ThisWeekInThirst: Body-Positive Undies, Gay Porn Stars, Cruisin’ and More

#ThisWeekInThirst: Body-Positive Undies, Gay Porn Stars, Cruisin’ and More

Written by Hornet Staff on August 11, 2018
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Between a body-positive underwear campaign and intimate gay porn star pics from the Wesley Woods fake relationship, this week has us all sorts of thirsty. But don’t worry. If you missed any of the sexsexy people or NSFW action on our site this week, we’ve got you covered below.


Click on the titles below for the full story, and enjoy this thirst roundup!

1. Going on Your First Gay Cruise? These 7 Tips Will Help Calm Your Nerves

Bust out your cute swimsuit and suntan lotion because we’re hitting the high seas with several mates. In addition to useful advice in this article, you’ll also spot a bunch of bathing beauties — ships ahoy.

wesley woods fake relationship 11, week in thirst 11, gay cruise


2. #FollowFriday Aug. 10: You Should Be Following These 5 LGBTQ Photographers, Activists & Performers

In addition to sexy Asian photographer Leslie Lee, our roundup of follow-worthy Instagrammers includes the double-hot Zakar twins and some thirst-inducing shots from the Queer Bible — yasssss.

wesley woods fake relationship 10, week in thirst 10, Leslie Lee


3. Woody Fox and Wesley Woods Aren’t Actually Dating, Proving Love Isn’t Real

We were really happy about Woody Fox and Wesley Woods dating each other, until we found out they had faked their entire relationship. We’re admittedly heartbroken over the Wesley Woods fake relationship, but at least we still have these great shots of them kissing and hanging out shirtless.

Woody Fox and Wesley Woods, wesley woods fake relationship 09, week in thirst 09, gay, kiss, couple


4. Russian Election Video Warns If You Don’t Vote, You’ll Turn Gay

This commercial telling Russians to vote is homophobic AF — it says self-absorbed gays are too busy having sex to vote. But if you can get past its hateful message, it shows two sexy young dudes about to get it on, so …

wesley woods fake relationship 08, week in thirst 08, Russia, homophobic, ad, election


5. These Pics from the Gay Games Wrestling Matches Might Give You a Heart Attack

Sexy studs, singlets and submission hold await in this photo gallery featuring queer international competitors grappling in the world’s gayest sport.

wesley woods fake relationship 07, week in thirst 07, Gay Games, Paris, wrestling


6. Former Gay Porn Star Logan McCree Has Turned Into a Men’s Rights Activist

One of the hottest gay porn stars of the mid-2000s has since started hanging out with men’s rights activists. He doesn’t sound like the worst of them, but his movement must clean up its ranks if it wants to be known as a truly positive force in the world.

wesley woods fake relationship 06, week in thirst 06, Logan McCree, gay porn, men's rights activist


7. In His New Video, Jake Shears Is the Leather Daddy of Your Dreams

Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears joins up with some hot friends to serve up butch-daddy realness in his music video expressing the joys of porn ‘staches.

wesley woods fake relationship 03, week in thirst 03, Jake Shears, big bushy mustache


8. This Underwear Line Just Launched a Body-Positive, Trans-Inclusive Campaign (Photos)

We absolutely love this campaign embracing body acceptance among queer men — it has some racial diversity and even a trans man. We wish it had even more different body types, but it’s a good, sexy step forward.

wesley woods fake relationship 02, week in thirst 02, surge, body-positive, underwear


9. Keep Cool This Season With Our Favorite Summer Movies and TV Series

If you’re looking for a way to beat the heat, check out our sexy selection of gay films. They include steamy foreign films like Summer Storm and The Way He Looks as well as the peachy keen Italian summer fling in Call Me By Your Name.

wesley woods fake relationship 01, week in thirst 01, the way he looks, gay film

What do you think of the Wesley Woods fake relationship and our other steamy stories?

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