Alex Jones Busted: The Transphobic Infowars Host Has Been Outed as a Trans Porn Consumer

Alex Jones Busted: The Transphobic Infowars Host Has Been Outed as a Trans Porn Consumer

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Alex Jones, the hateful host of the far-right conspiracy theory show Infowars (a show which has been banned from most mainstream social media platforms except for Twitter), is also transphobic: In addition to referring to trans people as “trannies,” the Alex Jones transgender conspiracy theories include his believing that trans people are made up and yet part of a cyborg plot and that former First Lady Michelle Obama is a trans woman who murdered comedian Joan Rivers to keep her identity a secret. So considering how much anger he stirs up against trans people, it wasn’t at all surprising when his Friday broadcast revealed that he has trans porn on his cell phone.

Let’s be clear: There’s nothing wrong with watching trans porn. It’s only notable in this case because it shows how Jones is willing to vilify trans people as monsters while also objectifying them for his own sexual pleasure.

During an Infowars broadcast this last Friday, Jones showed his followers how to order his worthless nutritional supplements online using a cell phone. During the video demonstration, he calls the phone in question, “My little iPhone.”

Alex Jones’ phone revealed a trans porn video open on his phone, visible here on the lower lefthand side of his phone.

During a brief moment in the video, Jones showed all of the windows open in his cell phone’s web browser only to reveal one video entitled “naughty tbabe Marissa M…” (Tbabe is an abbreviation for trans babe, or a trans woman.)

After some basic Googling, we’ve concluded the video in question to be one of entitled, “Naughty tbabe Marissa Minx relieved of cock hunger by stud,” a video in which trans woman Miss Minx gives oral sex to a white tattooed guy in a baseball cap while playing with her uncircumcised penis.

Here’s the Alex Jones transgender video clip from this Friday:

While he has yet to publicly comment on the Alex Jones transgender porn fetish, many gay sites are sharing the news as proof that bigots often hate that which they secretly desire.

What do you think of the Alex Jones transgender porn fetish?

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